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Advertised jobs numbers comparison

Here is a list of jobs advertised on the leading Irish job sites and the recruitment agency web sites.

Job Boards
Irish Jobs 12253
Recruit Ireland 3350
Monster 2969
Jobs 2800
Irish Times 1883
Employ Ireland 1339

Recruitment Agencies
CPL 1340
Brightwater 1291
Morgan McKinley 1178
Sigmar 671
Stelfox 627
Grafton 228
Manpower 183

Irish Jobs has by far the largest number of jobs. Actually they have about 10 times more jobs than the average competing Irish job site. Is there really that much jobs? Is that a real success story? When the numbers are so much off the scale, it always stinks a bit. Especially knowing that they own the site that does so badly on the jobs numbers compared to the main site.

On the recruitment agency side there is a tight race at the top. CPL still has it top spot, while surprisingly a small company Brightwater is in second. They show more jobs on their site than a much larger company Morgan McKinley that is on the third spot. Are Brightwater really working as Busy Bees? Are they really filling 5 times more roles than companies like Grafton or Manpower? Again quite unlikely. Same as Irish Jobs web site above, the number are again just very off the chart.

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Recruiting Blogs: Social Networking and Jobs Board

Posted by Ivan Stojanovic | on October 13, 2008 at 3:43pm
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Delete Post Manage Blog If you would be given a chance to create your own recruiters profile on Monster or any other job board, would you do it? The profile would be your page on that job board, with a number of customizable elements like the profile on or LinkedIN has.

How about being able to create groups, to link the people in your company, or with your interests. How about job hunters being able to create the profile on the site as well, with various levels of the content published on them. Would that be a LinkedIn that would actually function as a recruitment platform 9as opposed to the current LiknedIN). Wouldn’t that be Monster that would give you that little bit more? Wouldn’t that enable ‘passive’ job seekers in Monster instead in being able just to publish a CV – but also actively approach the recruiters they are interested in?

Would your own profile with your name, contact details, URL to your company web site & logo, links to your blogs, to your online profiles, jour photo and your latest jobs listed be a nice ‘Branding Package’ as well?

What would motivate you to populate such a profile on the next job board that enables such a ‘Social Networking Profile’ of a recruiter? What would it have to contain for you to go and fill it up with your data?


Recruitment Roadshow Ireland 2008 – 2009

It is almost 2 full years now that I started doing the list of the trainings and presentations collectively called The Recruitment RoadShow. I had a chance to get to know a really large group of the recruitment consultants all around the country. Two years is a long time to be giving the same presentation. So the list of the topics has changed during the time. Some topics like the Recruitment Blogging have just expanded, and started dividing into the smaller more defined presentation topics as blogging evolved and it usage grows in the latest years.

Not only that the Recruitment Roadshow is changing, but I feel I am changing with it. Most of the change is the deeper understanding of the recruiters. It is understanding how different the recruiters and the recruitment processes they implement are. It affects the candidates as well, since their experience differs drastically from a recruiter to a recruiter.

What I have learned is that there is no perfect recruiter (that I somehow assumed before!). As in all other professions there are all kind of people with all kind of different skills in the recruitment industry. But it is not guaranteed that the recruiter I like you will like as well. This is because you might need a completely different service level than me. And the recruiter will most likely perform better working with one of us then the other. So our perception of the same recruiter will differ. And sometimes it differs drastically!

I also noticed the difference in a perception a group of recruiters will have of a received Recruitment RoadShow training. Some of them would like the hands on approach, and the newly acquired skills would be the exact match to what they have been looking for. Their new skills will help them do their job better and faster. And they would understand it and would rate the training session highly. But unfortunately if you deliver the same presentation to a large group at once, you are bound to have some people you will just not serve with what they need.

For example if you have an hour long training on how to utilise the social networking web sites in the recruitment process, and you have a person in a group that is just introvert or shy, or for any other reason has a block towards communication with the unknown people in the open forum (that is quite a strange situation and is just not for everyone), he will not take anything home from such a session.

As well as the social networking sites the blogging has a long list of issues in the corporate recruitment perspective. How do you control your corporate branding policy on private blogs by the staff that is published in real time? What is even worse the blog is open to anyone to contribute? So in other words any of your competitors or people who might not like you very much can post anything he wants on your corporate blog that is a part of your publish web site? Branding issues, liability issues,… the list is actually pretty endless. And in the same time at this stage we KNOW we HAVE TO do it?

I also have to thank all of you who have helped me to get the Recruitment Roadshow to where it is now. To everyone who asked a question that helped me to understand you better. Some 3 to 4 years ago we brought in the multiple job posting into the recruitment in Ireland, and automated the boring task of posting your jobs to the Irish jobs sites. The last two years of the Recruitment RoarShow made it quite clear that there is more to be done in the recruitment to improve the whole process. It is the strict and well defined usage policy of the social networking, blogging and publishing of the content online in general to help the recruiter market themselves and be found directly (as opposed via the jobs sites) by the more targeted candidates. is where the next recruitment platform for the Irish market will be published, and it will include all that you have suggested in the last two years during the Recruitment RoadShow sessions. When you start using it, please let me know did we get it right!?



I guess some people will say I like writing about the Irish Jobs boards. The funny thing is that there is so many popping out, it is almost every week you hear about a new one. This is just in the last month or so:,, aka Spamers, Monster Finance, urHired

So here goes an interesting one. The Irish .ie domain seemed a bit too expensive so it is called At least it is Hosted in Cork, so might actually not ban it completely, if Google Webmaster Tools is to be believed.

Here are the first impressions:
1. Logo resembles any other stock logo sample, not really inspiring (as was the case with a number of the recruiters logos earlier this year).
2. Legal Stuff – company registration number and the registered address nowhere to be seen on the site.
3. Why publish so many pages to have only Coming Soon text on them?
4. The site is actually designed in some ’90-ies style. It is really hard to read the font in the menu. Green font with the green shadow on the green background? Here are some Design ideas: Jobs Board.
5. The code is not as messy as most of the jobs sites are actually, but a bit too much of that Java code all over. It is an interesting choice to have the jobs board in php, while all the leading job boards are the powered by the Microsoft .NET. Another interesting choice is
6. StatCounter as opposed to Google Analytics? Interesting choice. I would still use both, since the speed the Google Analytics is being developed at the moment, with stuff like Data Visualisation (Google Analytics Motion Chart), will overshadow most of the aspects of otherwise very useful StatCounter.

You need to be brave to show your price list online where there is nothing really anyone can buy for less than a thousand euro. It could actually be used as a company slogan:

Snazzy Jobs
Where prices start at thousand Euro

Or maybe not?

There seems to be some 250 jobs advertised. Considering the time of the year and the (econ)comic situation in the country it is not bad really. There is also 2 jobs advertised in the last 7 days, so the site is not dead!

But honestly it will not be much more if some serious effort is not applied. The designers have decided to ignore a few important facts. SEO and Usability. The URL’s look like this:

To find the job search you need to click on some well hidden green button on the green background. And that button is one the single page on the site? Perhaps this is a part of the screening process: If you manage to apply – you must be a smart person, so we will look at your CV!

And,… you also need to create and account with Snazzy Jobs to be able to apply for the job. That last hurdle in the application process will definitely go well with the applicant. If banks and governments are losing the personal data, should I be leaving it on the web site that even does not confirm the company registration number required by the CRO?

Snazy Jobs we honestly wish you the best!!!


Jobs Board

Nice logos all around from the new Irish start up recruitment agencies, and here is one more contender. Not really a recruitment agency, but a jobs board but still in diapers and therefore appropriately listed within the start-ups.

So here is the new logo for the Jobs Board (

Jobs Board


Job2Do Have Lot’s to Do

Job2Do - Irish Jobs SiteJobs2Do seams to heave really lots to do to get someone to apply for those jobs now.

Google PR2 has a traffic rank of: 3,469,434

Google showing 1 link to their site?

Hum…. A bit unusual approach for the Jobs Board. One would assume a lot of people visiting the web site, but Job2Do obviously have slightly different approach?


CV Magnet or how NOT to advertise a job?

What do you do when you purchase too many job slots on a job board? You use them and fill with the duplicates of the jobs you need to fill or write a generic job spec for the type of the jobs you are hiring for, and publish those.

Duplicates, Duplicates, Duplicates…

The advantage in having the same job published exactly the same more than once on a job board is very low. In taking some time and changing each copy so that it has a unique title, and quite different job description will generate more applications, but will also result in a lot of duplicate applications. (you asked for it!)

Speculative Positions

If you are recruiting for a position where you require a large number of the staff with the similar skills, and they tend not to stay that long with you (students, etc), than you need to have the same job advertised al all times on the job boards.

Just a note on the job title advertised as ‘Speculative Positions’: Putting the ‘Speculative Positions’ as a title of a job advertised on a jobs board will not really do you any good. An DBA Guru is far more likely to click on a job that includes a word DBA than on a job titled ‘Speculative Positions’.

CV Magnet

If you want to get a large number of the CV’s for the job published, just write a loose Requirements. Many job seekers use the Job Requirements to ‘filter themselves out’. If you write 6 separate requirements, and one is ‘6 years industry experience’, you might lose someone how has all the other five but only 5 years experience. And that is certainly no recruiters intention.

If you remove the requirements completely, you just mark them as the ‘Desired Candidate Requirements’, or just note that the candidate should have at least 2 of 6 listed, you will increase the number of the applications, while not drastically decreasing the overall quality of the job applications.