Blogs Jobs Site by Approach People Recruitment Jobs Site by Approach People RecruitmentIt is a dream of every recruitment agency to have a job board. Some only dream about it but some actually make it happen. Here is the nice example: by Approach People Recruitment. A nice colourful web site. About a hundred jobs published with the direct employers name (but not contact details) disclosed.

Advertising costs are comparable to the highest in the market. Relatively to the sites traffic, it is probably one of the worst sites when it comes to the ROI of your marketing spend. Recruitment Agencies are not allowed. Perhaps simply they know better that it’s not worth that kind of money.

One thing that I don’t like about jobs site is the fact that they are representing themselves as there, and do not mention anywhere that they are in fact the recruitment agency Approach People Recruitment. I guess that is because of the fact that a large number of people just do not want to hear about the recruitment agencies at all. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons for such a poor opinion about the recruitment – where a recruitment agency is trying to hide, or represent itself as something else. A number of UK and US recruiters have just opened their web sites for employers to publish jobs – and made success with their sites. This sounds more like passing off as someone you are not.

Advice: Just get your name printed on the site. Do not try to hide. In the long term it is better for the brand as well.

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Below is the mail from Christophe I got today that shares some light on the present ant the future of web site. As to any new job board in Ireland I wish them well. They are a competition to some of the services that my company provides, but the competition is what we like since it helps us highlight the quality and the exceptional ROI we provide our clients with.

Christophe all the best to you and your team at Approach People! I can offer you a free one month advertising of your jobs on ! Enjoy!

Here is the full email from Christophe:
(I’ll pretend I didn’t see my name spelled properly. Boy do I like seeing that! Am I the only one? How do you react when you see your name spelled ‘artistically’? :) )

Message: Hi Yvan,

I would like to congratulate for your website which gives many good advices.

I am in charge of the website and I have read your comments about our site. I respect your point of view but if I disagree with the comments you write about us.

Approach people is a French recruitment agency operating for 8 years in Ireland and specialised in multilingual profiles. Therefore, many foreign candidates contact the agency everyday to help them in their search or to get advice on finding a job in Ireland. Unfortunately we don’t have a job for everyone, almost that the agency is focused on the recruitment of experienced candidates in IT, Sales or Finance.
That is why Approach People decided to launch, to encourage visitors to apply directly to employers. Indeed, is specialised in junior & multilingual positions in the areas of call centre, pub/restaurant, shops…

I understand that some agencies try to hide themselves behind the name of employers in adverts but that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case on Approach People deals with more qualified positions, where you need to have some experience and a fluent English.
When someone applies to a position, the CV goes straight away to the employer and NOT to Approach People. We will not publish any adverts putting a company name trying to get CVs for the agency. The reason the contact details are covered is that so companies like yours cannot approach our clients to get them to advertise online.

I was a little bit confused when I read your comments, as our visitors are really happy to get some help. Furthermore, now that we have thousands of visitors on the site coming from various sources, we do not have to rely on Approach People’s candidates, so we will soon be accepting agencies on our websites to increase the chance for our visitors to get a job in Ireland.
I’m sure you understand, having yourself developed your website a few years ago, pitching companies at first!

We have nothing to hide and most of our candidates are aware that Approach People is behind, but we want candidates to apply to a job website and not to an agency, so we are not going to write on the front page that this website belongs to Approach People!

Please let me know if you have any questions about our service, but I would apreciate if you would check your information before sharing them on your blog!

I wish you best of luck with the blog and your activities.


Christophe Guerin

Name: Christophe Guerin

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