Ireland’s Best Job Opportunities

irelands best job opportunities

If you ask students in Ireland what companies provide the best opportunities you get some very interesting results!

Here is the top ten companies Irish IT students would like to work for:

1 Google
– Not a surprise. They have the tallest building in Dublin located in Dublin Docklands, area admired by cool young people.

2 Apple
– I got the new iPhone for 18th birthday and unfortunately the glass got broken on he party the same evening.

3 Microsoft
– Sound choice for Southsiders. There is even a parking space for every employee.

4 Intel
– Well there needs to be a space for the gadget geeks.

5 Facebook
– Got to “Like” it.

6 Boston Scientific
– I never actually got what this guys do?

7 Samsung
– Yeah, I hate Apple fanboys (and my iPhone broke on my 18th birthday…)!

8 Boeing
– Now that is surely caused by traumas from childhood spent in cheap Ryanair flights.

– Didn’t know that crowd is still around.

10 Disney
– This guys are doing a really early start of their recruitment milkround. No wonder some students never shake it off.

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