Blogs – Irish Jobs Aggregator is another jobs aggregator that popped up in the Irish market. Interestingly this site decided to stay out of trouble, and is publishing the source of every job it displays on the site. Also when you click on a job listings it brings you to the job site where the job was taken from. The problem with such a process is that the links from the job aggregator site often link to the jobs that have already been removed from the job boards, so the user experience of a job hunter is not really high.

Business model of the seems to be purely in trying to monetize the traffic achieved. So far they display Google AdSense. The majority of the Google AdWords Publishers seem to be the Irish Recruitment Agencies.

Spaniards, we wish you well!

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Aggregating job advertisements from several sources and then making these ” searchable ” on one platform, is indeed, a great ‘ time – saving ‘ feature for the jobseekers.

But, more often than not, such a platform turns out to be a great ‘ pain – giving ‘ exercise!

There is not much of an advantage if clicking on any job-link in the job aggregator, simply transports the jobseeker to the concerned ‘ source ‘

If she feels like ‘ applying ‘ against that job, she must

> register on that jobsite

> submit resume

> Login

> then ‘ apply online ‘

Now imagine having to submit resume on dozens of job-portals and having to remember all those passwords!

And having to keep shuttling between the aggregating platform and those dozens of sources.

This is where differs.

This is where a jobseeker can ” Apply Online ” against any job-advt. irrespective of the originating source. Just one Submit Resume / one login / one page / one click !

Coming to think of it, does a jobseeker care a hoot from where you have aggregated a job-advt., as long as she can see the Employer’s name / position advertised / salary offered / posting location and other details ?

And if the service is free ?

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

There are no” dream ” jobs.

Only ” compromise ” jobs.

Just as there are no ” ideal ” candidates.

But plenty of ” suitable ” candidates.

And a ” reasonable ” place to find both is

( – there are no ” best ” places ! )

Jobseekers and Recruiters must learn to take a chance !

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

Are jobseekers right in asking ,

Where is the level playing field ?

63 years after Independence, Indian Recruiters are still asking the candidates ,

 What community do you belong to ?

 What does your father do for living ?

 Which is your home state ?

 Why did you divorce ?

 What is your mother tongue ?

 Who is prime minister of Hungary ?

Jobseekers are wondering :

” Does my work-performance in this Organization depend upon what my answers are ? ”

Am I exaggerating ? Has anyone faced more irrelevant questions ?

And do questions get “ tailored “ to the candidate sitting across the recruiters ?

And what questions are Recruiters elsewhere asking ?

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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