I guess some people will say I like writing about the Irish Jobs boards. The funny thing is that there is so many popping out, it is almost every week you hear about a new one. This is just in the last month or so:,, aka Spamers, Monster Finance, urHired

So here goes an interesting one. The Irish .ie domain seemed a bit too expensive so it is called At least it is Hosted in Cork, so might actually not ban it completely, if Google Webmaster Tools is to be believed.

Here are the first impressions:
1. Logo resembles any other stock logo sample, not really inspiring (as was the case with a number of the recruiters logos earlier this year).
2. Legal Stuff – company registration number and the registered address nowhere to be seen on the site.
3. Why publish so many pages to have only Coming Soon text on them?
4. The site is actually designed in some ’90-ies style. It is really hard to read the font in the menu. Green font with the green shadow on the green background? Here are some Design ideas: Jobs Board.
5. The code is not as messy as most of the jobs sites are actually, but a bit too much of that Java code all over. It is an interesting choice to have the jobs board in php, while all the leading job boards are the powered by the Microsoft .NET. Another interesting choice is
6. StatCounter as opposed to Google Analytics? Interesting choice. I would still use both, since the speed the Google Analytics is being developed at the moment, with stuff like Data Visualisation (Google Analytics Motion Chart), will overshadow most of the aspects of otherwise very useful StatCounter.

You need to be brave to show your price list online where there is nothing really anyone can buy for less than a thousand euro. It could actually be used as a company slogan:

Snazzy Jobs
Where prices start at thousand Euro

Or maybe not?

There seems to be some 250 jobs advertised. Considering the time of the year and the (econ)comic situation in the country it is not bad really. There is also 2 jobs advertised in the last 7 days, so the site is not dead!

But honestly it will not be much more if some serious effort is not applied. The designers have decided to ignore a few important facts. SEO and Usability. The URL’s look like this:

To find the job search you need to click on some well hidden green button on the green background. And that button is one the single page on the site? Perhaps this is a part of the screening process: If you manage to apply – you must be a smart person, so we will look at your CV!

And,… you also need to create and account with Snazzy Jobs to be able to apply for the job. That last hurdle in the application process will definitely go well with the applicant. If banks and governments are losing the personal data, should I be leaving it on the web site that even does not confirm the company registration number required by the CRO?

Snazy Jobs we honestly wish you the best!!!

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Good review. I was following this on the enterprise Ireland site.
Do you just review recruitment sies? Have you seen the same as a few friends of mine have seen where jobs are advertised that do not exist and when they contacted the agency they did not even get a response?


Hi Paul,

The fact that people do not hear from the recruiters after they apply for the job on the jobs sites does not mean that the jobs advertised do not exist. People applying for the jobs are not strong enough to admin – I was not the best, and I did not get that job. But instead they say to them self that the job actually never existed.

Job boards charge a lot of money for the jobs to be published. Recruiters should be crazy to pay it if they would not have jobs ready to place those people. The fact is usually that recruiters are extremely busy people. I have spend months (literally) working onsite with recruiters, and I have rarely seen a person reading newspapers. They are on the phone, and email all the time. But with the one candidate per job at the time. They pick the best of all applicants and try to place him/her. If the deal does not fall trough, then they call the next applicant on the line. This means that only the best applicants gets to talk to the recruiter in most cases. There is some pre screening done by the more junior staff sometimes.

Think about it, would you pay to advertise a car, and go for the extra flashy advertisement with a picture that will set you off some 100 euro if you wouldn’t really have a car to sell? :)

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