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urFired! OOPS, Sorry UR Hired.For those of you who did not notice that the majority of the news is about people being fired lately (check Jobs News), as opposed to being hired, there is a piece of news here as well: Ireland has a new jobs board! It’s called urFired. Sorry OOPS Hired. Simply done mistake. SimplyHired therefore. Well no SimplyHired but the mistake simply done. So the new job board is urhIred. Or something more or less like that.

Is there a worse timing for publishing the jobs board than in the days like these? I remember doing the same mistake with my first one! :)

We wish the urHired team all the best!

urHired! urCareer! urWay! upUpwards and urOnwards!

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Hi many thanks for your comments, just to clarify is the only interactive online recruitment website that provides a completely free service to employers and agencies, so when people are cutting back there is no better time to provide a free service!!!!! is the most visual recruitment website in the market. On the urhired website you can post jobs in video, use web conferencing (for interviewing candidates online).
Candidates will soon be able to post their CVs in video as well as a wide range of other services that no other mainstream recruitment website provides.

Did I mention yet that urhireds service is completely FREE!!!!!!!!

urOver and urUnder!

Henry, I like the design of the Marie’s better! It is just a personal opinion,… personal taste… :)

Competition is what I like, and the more job boards the better. The more choice employers and recruiters get (more job sites) the easier it is for them to recognise (calculate) the value of each.

Welcome to the club! No need to be aggressive.

Personal tip – form partnerships within the industry, respect the competitors since there most likely is a bit you can learn from each of them.

Henry, Urhired site looks very impressive will the service remain free or do you intend charging at some point?.

Great coverage in the Sunday Business Post. Best of luck hope all goes well. Just a point to make, have CVizz beat urhired in the race to launch video cvs on a recruitment site? :-)

I saw the article in the Sunday tribune as well. Or some other free paper that I got delivered as a promotion. Actually I am almost certain it was the Sunday Tribune. Henry am I right? Or was there even more papers covering it?

One way or the other, SBP itself is a hard to get one – remember that the same company / family own the RecruitIreland?  So well don on that.

I know of CVizz for about a year or a year and a half being online. Since urHired hit the news this weekend, I guess it is a new site Henry?

Hi Paul Looks like CVizz is doing the Bizzz alright. Great site Marie, hope its all going well for you and thanks for your comments.

Yes Ivan we were very happy about the coverage the site attracted in the last week or so, coverage is not somthing thats easy to get in papers these days!!

Marie be careful I think Ivan has the hots for the CVizz :-)

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