Monster Finance – New Irish Job board!? NO! Just a Recruitment Agency With a Name of a Job Board

Monster Finance Logo - What is it really?I am not entirely sure what does the logo represent, but I am afraid it stands quite well in the internal competition we used to have in the company – who will make the worst logo for a job site. The logo used to be in the lead, but Monster Finance is really quite an impressive contender as well!

The name,… Monster. If the real Monster finds out it might not do anything, but if they ever take a jeopardise a single client contract, Monster will put up a fight that no Irish start-up can fight against that easily. Remember when sued for the same?

Since I have this ‘other’ interest besides the online recruitment (call it a hobby!), I cannot not to notice that from the SEO perspective this new Monster Finance is quite a strange recruitment web site. Probably quite a different marketing plan, since Google for example has their front page at ‘0’, and all the other pages are not rated (greyed out). Google traditionally was the driver of the traffic to the Irish Jobs Sites, and Monster Finance have decided to get it from somewhere else. Who knows they might be on to something!

Asking a candidate for the disclosure of the sex and age during the registration is a usual sign of not understanding the Irish Recruitment Market.

No phone number on the site, no contact email address, it certainly resembles the Google business model (or a two boys in the shed or a kitchen – starting their business).

But then the mystery revealed itself today, when I got contacted by Rahat, who is a Business Development Director at Monster Finance. Interestingly enough his LikedIN profile also reveals a Recommendation from: Brian Fairbrother, Business Development Manager, Loadzajobs – Independent Newspaper Group. It is kind a strange that the BDM of one job site is recommending the BDM of the other job site for his current position? Recommending the competition is certainly a noble thing. Here is a full recommendation for Rahat:

“A Strong Entrepreneur. A Manager who turns possibilities into realities. A professional that thinks out of the box and looks at Business Challenges as Major Opportunities. Rahat’s new business model will offer a High Value Added service to the Recruitment Sector. Watch this space…….”

And then you realise that Monster Finance is actually a recruitment agency – they hide that fact on the front page, but have it buried deep in the Terms in the small print.

Sometimes I wonder why is it a dream of every second recruitment agency to run a jobs board as well? I guess they think it’s easy…

Anyway as well as with any start-up jobs site – we wish Monster Finance all the best!

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