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Why Recruiters don’t like blogging?

Statistically, less than 10% of recruiters write a blog. Less than 5% wrote more than 100 blog posts. That is one in twenty! There is a number of interesting theories why recruiters are rarely bloggers. My own opinion is that by nature of the recruitment as a business it is really about communication and social interaction. I mean recruiters are natural networkers. This is a core skill a recruiter is effectively selling in conjunction with the sales skills. Guess what, bloggers are more often than not, not so good networkers. To write a blog post you need to sit and think and write. Not really a social activity, is it? To write 100 blog posts, quite a lot of this sitting and thinking and typing is involved. And quite often a blogger needs to write a lot to perfect his technique, understand his skills and his audience before the blog gets any decent traction. And then, and only then it all changes, from the solitude to online social networking on steroids! A good niche blogger is more known and has a far greater influence than the editor of the industry magazine. It is to do with the payroll, with the freedom, with the social aspect of the blog as a publication.

The best recruitment bloggers I have seen have turned their career path completely. They blog. They teach. They train. They do not recruit any more. My best guess is that they have been in the wrong job in the first place.

I have spent my past 5 years preaching blogging to recruiters. I can tell you one thing: It was a tough 5 years! From the largest recruitment agencies to the start-ups I always had the same issue. They will be very excited about starting blogging after the training. But most of the recruiters will just get to that stage, being excited about it. But never post a single blog post. Well, one can only bring the horse to the water.

A few clients in the last 5 years have made some extraordinary successes. The one just got published yesterday: A blog post is worth €20,000 by the great Peter Cosgrove. Reading it, just makes me feel good since my last 5 years didn’t go to waste. It’s really fulfilling to see your clients doing things you thought them, and doing them right.

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CIPD, Irish Recruiters, Irish Times Training… is it all made so confusing on purpose?

Recruitment training was always an issue really in Ireland.
The HR courses had to cover for it and the in house training would fill the
gaps and bring recruiters up to date with the current industry trends. Then
last year we finally got a recruitment specific training with the Irish Times
Training centre. There is a basic and advanced course available and the courses
are branded as a delivered in conjunction with CIPD. In all the social media
both those courses are advertised as a CIPD courses. Jet somehow on the
web site there is no mention of them. I short call to the friendly staff in
CIPD reveals the following:


CIPD is the body that validates the courses in the HR arena.
The list of CIPD Centres in Ireland can be found on the site (Choose from
the menu: Qualification : > Search for a entre > Ireland). What you will
find out there is that CIPD has absolutely no connection with the courses Irish
Times Training is offering.

Here is the text that announces those courses:

Certified Social Media Recruiter (CSMR):

“A very welcome addition to the
Irish recruitment industry …” Michael McDonnell, CEO, CIPD

Course takes place on Monday and
Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm:
28th & 30th March 2011

In association with CIPD and
Irish Recruiters, this one day course is aimed at individuals who have
completed the Certified Internet Recruiter course. It will give participants
examples and techniques currently being used by recruiters around the world as part
of their recruitment strategies. It will demonstrate the power of the blog and
is packed full of information about how best to harness these tools to increase

Special rate of €499 for The
Irish Recruiters Annual Members

Course Benefits:

will get practical recommendations on how to form a social media team, charter,
policy and strategy. Participants can elect to take a 30 minute online test, to
gain accreditation.

Course Outline:

  • Individual comprehensive tool kit and guide
  • Copy of the Irish Recruiter’s Social Media
    Cheat Sheet helping you apply your new found techniques
  • More in-depth understanding of advanced
    features of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Understanding of social media applications
    that can give you the edge
  • An understanding of how recruiting via social
    media is evolving
  • An understanding of how location based
    technologies are bringing social media to an entirely new platform.
  • Knowledge of the key metrics when deciding on
    social media recruitment

See related programmes in this
stable that lead to Certification as an Irish Internet Recruiter (CIIR)

Location: Irish Times Training, The Irish
Times Building, 24 – 28 Tara Street, Dublin 2

In conjunction with Irish
Recruiters & CIPD


Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter (ACIR)

In association with CIPD and
Irish Recruiters, this evening course is aimed at the senior recruiter and
those who have completed the Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR). The course
will look at Boolean strings and automation while delving into new techniques
when sourcing candidates internationally. It will also look at diversity
recruitment through to RSS feed creation.

Special rate of €499 for The
Irish Recruiters Annual Members.

This course takes place on monday
and Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm:
7th & 9th February, 21st & 23rd March, 9th
& 11th May

Course Benefits:

Participants will master current industry best practice, investigate future
recruitment trends while gaining productivity techniques to bolster their
sourcing and social media strategies. Participants can elect to take a 30
minute online test, to gain accreditation.

Course Outline:

  • Individual comprehensive tool kit and guide
  • Advanced Search Syntax
  • Proximity Searching
  • Email address raiding
  • Advanced Google Sourcing
  • Irish Recruiter’s favourite Productivity Tools
    and Techniques
  • Advanced Anatomy of “Locators”
  • RSS techniques
  • Advanced Twitter techniques
  • Capturing techniques
  • A look at people search engines
  • Learn about “slashing”
  • The future of search

See related programmes in this
stable that lead to Certification as an Irish Internet Recruiter (CIIR)

In conjunction with Irish
Recruiters & CIPD

Did Irish Time Training went a bit too far on mentioning
CIPD all over their course advertisement while the courses themselves are not
CIPD validated? You be the judge of it yourself.

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Irish Recruiters Toolbar

There are great skills hidden in the Irish recruitment workforce. Declan Fitzgerald who you all know very well by now if you are readers of this blog, have created a browser toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Irish Recruiters toolbar

Irish Recruiters Toolbar helps you to find and read the latest blog posts on Jobs Blog! – That should be a tagline! :)

Irish Recruiters Toolbar is represented on a video, and you can see the video and download the toolbar on Declans blog. Thanks for putting Jobs Blog in the video Dec!

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Irish Recruiters LinkedIn Group

After the recent success of the Irish Recruiters LinkedIn Group’s first conference – The Future of Recruitment – Part 1: The Road Ahead, Declan Fitzgerald has been planning already for Part 2, and after repeated requests to hold Part 2 before Christmas, Declan is now aiming for the 18th of November as the time to run the event and try get the Irish Recruitment industry together again to discuss what are the challenges currently facing our industry and what is the future of recruitment.

Declan is in planning phase at the moment but he has confirmed that Alexander Mann will be giving their RPO prospective on the theme as well as EMC from Cork will be discussing why they want a Cloud ATS and how they are going about implementing it. There will also be more presenters on the day but they have not been confirmed yet. To learn more please visit, Declan’s blog: the Irish CyberSleuth and also you can follow updates on Declan’s Twitter account. I’ll also keep you up to date with any other news I learn in the future about the event.

Hopefully, it will be another great event for networking, learning and debate.

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Recruitment Conference


Irish Recruiters LinkedIN Group got together in the a form of a Recruitment Conference.

It was great to see so many friends together, thank you all for coming!

We all need to say a BIG: Thank You to Declan Fitzgerald who organised it all again so well!

Pictures? Well this time around I decided I will mail you the pictures – and only the ones you are on! Just put the comment below and I’ll mail you all the photos you are on. I emailed some nice photographs to your mailboxes already, so check there first. This is just out of a respect for all of you who joined us for a pint afterwards. Please no funny faces to the camera anymore! :)

When the world’s largest professional social network is at the same table with the country’s largest jobs site and the largest recruitment agency, all organised by the world’s largest (richest) IT company… it has to be interesting. Even in the extremely sad times like these. 3 out of 2 recruiters have been made redundant in the last 9 months. I guess the room would be fuller if the conference took place a year ago.

What I took from the conference is that the social networks definitely ARE the most important recruitment tools. LinkedIN is the most important although having so slow penetration in Ireland. Less than 150 000 registered, and only a small percentage of that with a useful profile (from the recruitment perspective).

Job Boards still dominating the market but quickly losing their prior historical dominance. Recruitment advertising fees are dropping, and also disappearing with leading that avenue.

Recruitment agencies are changing their offerings and repositioning themselves in the recruitment process. From all we have heard on the recruitment conference and especially on the ‘After Party’ – if you know how to use Twitter to source the candidates, there is a great future for you in recruitment!


Irish Jobs in the Finance Sector

I often hear from the job hunters that they simply do not trust recruiters any more. Why do they say it? They say they do not trust recruiters because there are so many jobs advertised on the web sites, and when one applies to those jobs some recruiters don’t even respond by returning a email with a notification of a receipt of a CV. I guess, when you send your CV to someone, with so much of your personal data in it, you would like to see some response back to you, or at least a small ‘Thank You’ note.

The last few months we have heard that our economy is not in the best situation. In fact the economy of much of the western world is not really in the best shape. Last week a bank was nationalised in Ireland (some people ask themselves what is next?!). Opinions about that bank nationalisation are different, but we all agree there is absolutely NOTHING positive about it. David wrote a nice post: Anglo fiasco is Ireland’s Enron on his blog.

2009 is here, new budgets in the Irish companies, Jobs News is reporting HUGE job losses, and the financial sector is among the ones hit the hardest. BTW – have you seen the ’09 car registration jet? It is 19th January today, and I have seen only a few. Anyway, from what we get in the news the people in the financial industry would have to fear for their jobs. But according to the Irish recruiters, it is not really so.

Here are the statistics from the leading Irish Jobs site for the two jobs categories relevant to financial sector:

4852 jobs advertised in Banking, Financial services & Insurance
4640 jobs advertised in Accountancy & Finance

So altogether almost 10 000 jobs are available according to the Irish recruiters to the people who deal with those finances we pay for.

What does that tell you?

Are the employees currently working in the finance sector being made redundant and the country is currently hiring for the Team B?

Is this new Team B going to be made of the people from the Team A who have just been made redundant? Is there a bit of negative selection going on?

Is there really 10 000 jobs in the finance sector being available in Ireland today? What do you think is the realistic number?