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I often hear from the job hunters that they simply do not trust recruiters any more. Why do they say it? They say they do not trust recruiters because there are so many jobs advertised on the web sites, and when one applies to those jobs some recruiters don’t even respond by returning a email with a notification of a receipt of a CV. I guess, when you send your CV to someone, with so much of your personal data in it, you would like to see some response back to you, or at least a small ‘Thank You’ note.

The last few months we have heard that our economy is not in the best situation. In fact the economy of much of the western world is not really in the best shape. Last week a bank was nationalised in Ireland (some people ask themselves what is next?!). Opinions about that bank nationalisation are different, but we all agree there is absolutely NOTHING positive about it. David wrote a nice post: Anglo fiasco is Ireland’s Enron on his blog.

2009 is here, new budgets in the Irish companies, Jobs News is reporting HUGE job losses, and the financial sector is among the ones hit the hardest. BTW – have you seen the ’09 car registration jet? It is 19th January today, and I have seen only a few. Anyway, from what we get in the news the people in the financial industry would have to fear for their jobs. But according to the Irish recruiters, it is not really so.

Here are the statistics from the leading Irish Jobs site for the two jobs categories relevant to financial sector:

4852 jobs advertised in Banking, Financial services & Insurance
4640 jobs advertised in Accountancy & Finance

So altogether almost 10 000 jobs are available according to the Irish recruiters to the people who deal with those finances we pay for.

What does that tell you?

Are the employees currently working in the finance sector being made redundant and the country is currently hiring for the Team B?

Is this new Team B going to be made of the people from the Team A who have just been made redundant? Is there a bit of negative selection going on?

Is there really 10 000 jobs in the finance sector being available in Ireland today? What do you think is the realistic number?

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