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Paddy Power Recruitment Site

Paddy Power Recruitment
Paddy Powers recruitment web site called ‘’ is an example of a great employers recruitment mini web site.

It looks nice
It is very easy to read
It showcases the Paddy Powers careers, the people, the locations,.. the company.

There is even a link to the Facebook Group – that currently has 249 members, so a bit of Social Recruiting included in the mix as well.

All in all, … probably the best employers recruitment site in Ireland?
(the sentence above inspired by Carlsberg advertising)

One thing that does not really look and work well is the integration with the candidate manager that shows during the job application process. Bringing the third party screen in the (iframe) window is always a bit risky, since the owners of the site have no control over it. But even that didn’t manage to ruin the good impression the Paddy Power recruitment web site leaves you with!

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10 don’ts for job hunters on social networks

  • Don’t be too technical or industry specific in your profile
  • Don’t jump on a social networking site and give the perception that you’re desperately looking for a job — just “taking” and not “giving”
  • Don’t wait until you’re laid off before building out your social networks and staying active
  • Don’t forget to check out your “online presence” or “personal branding” to make sure nothing embarrassing shows up when you Google your name
  • Don’t forget the No. 1 goal is an in-company referral and you must be willing to take action outside your comfort zone to get one
  • Don’t spend too much time in front of the screen. Phone calls and face-to-face meetings are vital
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone on the Web in your targeted area — ask questions, suggest products, share information
  • Don’t expect to log on and find a direct lead, because the best tips often come from someone on the network who is several times removed from you
  • Don’t forget to stay engaged in your field, keep up on the latest news, products and services. Check out start-ups, which can be a great place to find a job if you act fast
  • Don’t try to make friends or contacts with everyone you can on the networks; make sure it’s someone you know or have something in common with