Recruitment Agencies in Ireland

How many Recruitment Agencies are there in Ireland really?

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16 thoughts on “Recruitment Agencies in Ireland”

  1. Ivan – came across your blog – you’ve left our company off your list Techstaff International Limited – recruitment for engineers – based here and Sydney – very interested in your site…

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for you comment. I cannot remember what was the source of the list, and believe me you have not been omitted on the purpose!!!

    To fix the omission I will add your company name to the list above.

    PS. I am just looking at the list of the recruitment agencies, and realising there are quite a few missing actually… I should definitely try to compile a proper and complete list somehow. Ideas are welcome!

    Ivan | & SEO Consultant

  3. Ivan,

    Many thanks for the mention in the list!

    It’s great to see an Irish blog looking at the Jobs and Careers sector.

    I only discovered the blog about three weeks ago and have to say that I am enjoying it so far.

    Brian Cleary
    The Tipperary Recruitment Company

  4. Hi Ivan,

    I would just like to say thank you for using and recommending Chase Resourcing in Co Kerry and Dublin.

    If we can help with any other information, please feel free to ask…

    Great idea and blog…

    Kieran Teahan

    Chase Resourcing
    1890 777 007

  5. Hi Evan,
    Thank you for list. It is realy helpful.That will be great if you can link them to their website.Thank you.

  6. America has lawyers; Ireland has recruitment agencies. Each profession is hated in their respective country.

  7. Hi Ivan,

    You mention my company, Client Solutions in your tag but I don’t see the list that everyone is talking about. Have I missed something?

    While we are not a recruitment agency we do hire alot of IT contractors directly.

  8. Hi Ivan

    Thanks a million for the mention on the list

    Best of luck for the new years



    Greendot Recruitment

  9. Hi.Im a registered nurse in the Philippines and with An Bord Altranais decision letter.Any recruitment agencies in Ireland who are hiring overseas nurses?
    Im presently working here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  10. ICE Group (Galway) is one big shite. Woman are lazy there and you have to wait ages to sort something out. They care only about the money, not about you. I hope they will close it down soon.

  11. Matthew from Runway Recruitment always found me work over the four years I worked for them, unlike a lot of Agencies, they came up with the Goods.

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