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Facebook or Print ads?

Ivan Andrija Stojanovic, Head of Online, CPL Osijek CroatiaWill you advertise on Facebook or in the traditional proven media like newspapers or radio?

I was talking to some postgraduate business and IT students (Overeducated and under experienced for Jobs of tomorrow) and asked them who has the Facebook account. I wanted to show how deep the Facebook penetration actually is. I got more hands up than that I could count. So I reversed the question – and asked who doesn’t have or didn’t use his Facebook account in the last week. I have 3 hands up. In the group of 80 people.

I asked them if they bought papers (any papers) in the last 7 days. Two bought local classified advertising paper looking for flats to rent. One bought photo magazine and one other bout a gardening magazine. Same 80 people.

All are postgraduate students, and all are looking at the job market. All are exactly those you will want to target with your jobs advertisements. So where will you advertise?

To look into it even further – the question is how will you actually advertise there. Facebook and LinkedIN will gladly take your money. Since those are ‘Cash Hungry’ businesses. Twitter and most other social networks do not provide a facility where you can just bluntly dump your advertising budget. It is a known fact that the proper ‘usage’ of a social networking site will give you far better results that advertising on the same site. Painfully small is a list of jobs filled from the advertisements on Facebook or LinkedIN. The way one sources the candies from the Social Networking sites is by constant branding, inbound marketing, networking – all the opposites from classical advertising.

Facebook seems like the best place to invest 90% of your recruitment marketing budget from todays perspective. Tomorrow? Ahh… it will probably change again… Just remember, it will never be the same as it once was, and the wheel will never start turning back. Where you will invest next year, is most likely into something that does not even exist today.

2 replies on “Facebook or Print ads?”

“Facebook seems like the best place to invest 90% of your recruitment marketing budget from todays perspective”

Is that a legitimate comment?

“Facebook penetration” – it isn’t a question of how many people are on Facebook, it is a question of how you can market to your target audience. Have you seen the stats on conversions from Facebook? They are tiny. The people you are talking about are graduates who have grown up with online advertising – the majority of these people will blank out these adverts as they do with all other online adverts.

Facebook will never be a channel where a recruitment business can spend 90% of their marketing budget. It just doesn’t make sense. SEO, job boards, email marketing, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… these would survive on 10% of your budget? These are the proven channels to source candidates and you are suggesting spending all that budget on something that has so FEW case studies behind it…

I’d love to know why you think this would work.
Please get in touch @alexCharraudeau

Also… all of these graduates are ACTIVELY looking for jobs. Surely they are on job boards, using Google, getting in touch with recruiters etc. Easy pickings – but on Facebook.

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