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Good news for job seekers. The government has launched the new initiative officially called National Intenrnship Scheme that in their own words will provide a work experience placements for interns for 6 or 9 month period. There is 5000 placements available and they are paid by the government €50 a week on top of their social welfare entitlement.

The web site shows the Participating Organisations: Air Lingus, ISME, BT, HP, Enterprise Ireland, Tesco Ireland, Quinn Group, Glanbia, Coillte, PWC, Mercury Group, 3, IBEC, KPMG, Accenture, Smurfit Mappa Group, Arthur Cox, Dawn Farms, Glen Dimplex Group, ESB, Hertz, Matheson Ormsby Prentice. All respective names, and we wish to see more taking part.

Today is the first day where the internships are being advertised and there is one advertised already. The first advertised Internship on is:

On line Marketing Executive
Candidates will gain experience in customer service, online social media marketing eg Facebook, Twitter; IT and admin skills.
Skills Requirements
A flair and enthusiasm for the learner skills as cited above are the person specifications sought in this business.

It is not 100% clear who is really advertising this internship on the web site. There is no button to apply for this job – and send a CV or an application. There only clue on who is actually advertising this role is a small box on a side that reads: “In writing with CV to Ms. B.Shannon / HR, Detail LTD, J3 Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth, Co Kildare.”

It really will be a poor visitors experience if one cannot apply for an internship online, but has to post the application? One actually wonders what kind of experience will the candidate gain from an organisation looking for an intern in online social media marketing and customer service if the application process is offline? Let’s how those are just the initial internal glitches with the web site and that those will be ironed out soon. It really does not reflect the advertising organisations well when the applicants are forced to go offline for the application for the internship (for On line Marketing Executive internship especially!).

I really hope the National Internship Scheme and its web site will help not only the 5000 future interns and the companies taking them, but the whole country. Getting 5000 unemployed people utilise their skills, and developing their skills in the work environment can only have a positive effect on the economy.

Will be the thing that will bring our Celtic Tiger back? I really think we would all be happy if it does!

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Celtic Tiger or Shortage of Workforce in Ireland?

788 Employers are currently recruiting on Irish Jobs web site. Quit a few of them have a long list of jobs as well. From the employers list of 788 companies the majority has a few or more jobs advertised. The calculation shows quite simple that thousands of jobs are available in Ireland today.

Is it a Celtic Tiger all over again? It certainly does not feel so, with even the property prices ‘frozen’ for more than a year now. The unemployment rate is as low as it can be, so if there are thousands of vacancies in Ireland today it is clearly the serious shortage of workers currently in the country. How will that impact the Irish economy? Would we benefit from the increase of the import of “Brain Power”?