17 jobs in Ireland advertised in LinkedIN

LinkedIN obviously has some problems in the sales of their jobs advertising in Ireland. Currently there are only 17 jobs advertised in LinkedIN Jobs section. It is Mid January, the time the recruitment season is normally in the full swing in Ireland. Microsoft is there as they always are there present with a job or two, and funnily enough Dell is also advertising a job. Knowing how Dell is (un) popular with the hundreds of redundancies announced last week, it’s just a bit strange to see them advertising on LinkedIN. Especially since there are only 17 jobs in Ireland advertised at the moment.

This is the worst time for Jobs in Ireland according to the number of advertisements in LinkedIN. There used to be 40 to 60 jobs in last year or two almost all the time. To see the number of jobs dropping to 17 only… makes you wonder. Is it the recession? Or is it just poor sales team in LikedIN?

Dell Jobs on LoazaJobs

dell jobs in ireland logoI saw the Dell logo today on the LoadzaJobs web site home page. The logo looked so sad really. With all the recent Jobs News about Dell reducing the staff levels, and even more worrying titles in some Irish newspapers that calculate if the whole Dell operation in Limerick is about to shut down one wonders what is the Dell logo doing on the LoadzaJobs web site? Does it look so sad because there is no jobs advertised behind it? It has the round shape that kind of resembles the Smiley but, doesn’t it look sad?