Anne Heraty, MD of CPL sponsors Green Dragon

If you know me at all, you probably know already that I am crazy about sailing. Ireland was one of the countries where the Volvo Ocean Race had a stop over this season. We had the best weather so far this year last weekend, and Galway was shining. The Volvo Ocean race is the second largest sporting event this country ever had, just after the Riders Cup.


All this is due to the Irish entry in the Race – the Green Dragon boat. Millions have been invested in the boat by a number of Irish people, and there is a well known Anne Heraty from CPL who is within them and made it all happen.

I wish to thank Anne personally. I haven’t been on a Volvo Ocean Race boat before, and it meant a lot to me as a passionate sailor.


The Sailing Boats Croatia site has more pictures with Bertie Ahern visiting the Green Dragon.

Jobs Recruitment

Celtic Tiger or Shortage of Workforce in Ireland?

788 Employers are currently recruiting on Irish Jobs web site. Quit a few of them have a long list of jobs as well. From the employers list of 788 companies the majority has a few or more jobs advertised. The calculation shows quite simple that thousands of jobs are available in Ireland today.

Is it a Celtic Tiger all over again? It certainly does not feel so, with even the property prices ‘frozen’ for more than a year now. The unemployment rate is as low as it can be, so if there are thousands of vacancies in Ireland today it is clearly the serious shortage of workers currently in the country. How will that impact the Irish economy? Would we benefit from the increase of the import of “Brain Power”?