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Take a sneak peek at the new Monster

Take a sneak peek at the new Monster Jobs Site

Monster is all about their new site. That isn’t actaully available. And will not be available this year. That does not stop them advertising it for the last couple of months. They started sounding a bit like Microsoft advertising their Vista. A lot of hipe, for a long, long time, but the result is…

Well let’s give Monster a chance to actaully show it to us. They promised it in Januarry next year (how crazy do you have to be to release teh new version of the job site in the month when job boards have the most traffic? If someting goes wrong, and things allways go wrong with the new releases, do you really need to show it to the most of visitors? :)

Well I guess it was a marketing driven decission, as Monsters decisions allways are, as oposed to the someones who knows how to run the operations.

Releasing a new jobs site in the year 2009, I would consider to be a failure if it does not have an element of the social networking. Is Monster smart and brave enough to bring the social networking in online recruitment on a large scale, as oposed to what LinkedIN is trying to do? Let’s wait and see ….

Untill then we will just be getting thoise emails and PDF’s titled Take a sneak peek at the new Monster or simmilar…


Irish Jobs Ireland

Irish Jobs Ireland is a site I made a few years ago when Microsoft published it’s small business offer called Office Live. What you got there, and I presume you still get today is a domain name, hosting, CMS, email hosting,…. well basically everything you need to start doing business online. The CMS was really good (for the CMS-es two-three years ago), but the DNS settings a kind of strange and it seemed that Google did not really like those sites on the Office Live. Google spiders didn’t really visit those sites that often then. Today Google seems to be bringing quite interesting amount of the relevant traffic, that shows that some things have changed. Obviously Google cannot ignore the Office Live based sites any more.

So if you are a start-up recruitment agency, and a serious freetard, Office Live is for you. Free web site, free hosting, free domain name,… free place to advertise your jobs and receive your applications… Go for it!

Actually it is not that bad, it shows some basic visitor statistics and has a generous disk space allocated. I guess I should write a proper review of it, and instructions on how to utilise it from the perspective of the Irish recruitment agency.