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Recruitment SEO: 29 Irish recruitment web sites SEO Ranking by mozRank

102 people have visited the Recruitment SEO: Google PR yesterday, where I listed the 29 recruitment agency web sites based on their Google PageRank. It even stirred some comments and discussions in social media. Mostly on LinkedIn as it is expected since the recruitment social network LinkedIn is a “natural habitat” for an average recruiter.

Google PR has its quirkiness. It is fantastic and horrible at the same time. It needs to be looked at relative to each web site as opposed to the absolute ranking number. That makes it almost useless to the people outside of the search engine optimisation industry. This is why so many people dismiss Google PageRank. It is not the easiest to “get” actually.

Today we will look at the same group of the 29 recruitment agency web sites and this blog and compare them a different by third party ranking mechanism. We will look at the ranking by the SEOmoz: MozRank. Here is what the SEOmoz site says about the MozRank:

What is MozRank?

MozRank represents a link popularity score. It reflects the importance of any given web page on the Internet. Pages earn MozRank by the number and quality of other pages that link to them. The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank.

How is MozRank Scored?

We calculate this score on a logarithmic scale between 1 and 10. Thus, it’s much easier to improve from a MozRank of 3 to 4 than it is to improve from 8 to 9. An “average” MozRank of what most people think of a normal page on the Internet is around 3.

How can MozRank be improved?

A web page’s mozRank can be improved by getting lots of links from semi-popular pages or a few links from very popular pages.

Note that MozRank is all about links. The number of links to your web site and their link quality. It is very safe to assume that a higher MozRank results in the larger amount of the referral traffic – from the web sites linking to your site.

Recruitment   Agency mozRank 6.22 6.17 6.11 5.84 5.62 5.49 5.42 5.04 5.01 4.95 4.93 4.92 4.84 4.74 4.56 4.34 4.33 4.29 4.15 4.09 4.08 3.9 3.75 3.69 3.68 3.63 3.55 3.43 2.71 2.67

Notice the difference and the similarity of the SEOmoz MozRank ranking of the 29 recruitment agencies above and the Google PageRank ranking from the blog post yesterday. How to judge if your MozRank is good compared to the other recruitment agencies? This blog has a MozRank of 5.01. The general rule you can adopt is – if your company web site is below a personal blog, you might want to do something about it.

Any surprises in the recruitment agency web sites ranking by SEOmoz MozRank above? Do you find it more or less relevant than the Google PR ranking?

8 replies on “Recruitment SEO: 29 Irish recruitment web sites SEO Ranking by mozRank”

Pagerank is pointless. You can spend valuable hours of your life trying to improve it but is there any value?? I monitor many sites; some that have a PR5 without a decent standing in the search results compared to a PR2 site that is number 1 or 2 for their chosen terms… Any thoughts would be gratefully received.


@Stuart. Thanks for your comment. The fact that sites with various Google PR rankings are listed in the Google search results is normal. Google shows the sites in the search results based on the relevancy to the search term. Not based on their Google PR. If Google search results would be listed based on the Google PR number, you would see the same top 10 web sites at all time. That would be a horrible user experience. Hence it is absolutely normal to get the sites with lower Google PR listed above the sites with higher Google PR in search results. Wouldn’t you agree?

Again metrics without purpose, SEO is a results driven business, these are signals and in isolation mean nothing. I can appreciate that it is great to find bench marks. With SEO benchmarks are based around ROI and conversion.

@Niall – Metrics like this are unique in telling you how good are you doing your SEO in relation to your competition. You just need to learn how to use each of them properly and within content (industry & location).

When you do that you start finding he real meaning of each of the metric and how to use it to measure your progress.

For a recruitment agency to put time, money and effort into developing a SEO presence, what is the minimum amount of traffic (of the right audience) one should expect?

I realise that this is just a generalisation and one should allow for how general/niche the agency.

@Stephen – if you consider a niche like ‘IT’ and another one like ‘Fund Managers’ or a sub-niche of IT like ‘WordPress Developers’ it is obvious that your ‘Market Size’ is very different. Only a few per cent on IT Professional are actually WordPress Developers. Defining a number of visitors, applications or placements a recruitment agency web site should have based on its SEO and hence natural free traffic from the search engine would be wrong. The goal should be to capture ALL the traffic. The success should be measured in the percentage of success of acquiring all the relevant traffic. Since the goal is very different for the ‘IT’ and ‘WordPress Developer’ defining the number without specifying the size of the niche makes no sense really.

If you give me a niche, I could try to calculate a number?

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