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eBay & PayPal Jobs site ( is the second Irish Employers recruitment web site (that I have found so far). The fact that there is a web site is very good for eBay & PayPal, but the web site itself is… everything that a jobs site should not be. It is absolutely amazing that a eBay and PayPal both 100% Web 2.0 companies managed to have a jobs site of so low standard.

Just a few main points what is wrong with the eBay and PayPal jobs in Ireland web site:

1. domain name as opposed the Irish domain – this will definitely impact the search engine ranking, and help in hiding the site from the Irish job seekers
2. A home page is just a pure branding message. Where are the jobs?
3. Where exactly are the jobs?
Click on Careers in eBay. A new page opens. Are the jobs there? No.
Click Search eBay Vacancies? A new page opens. Are the jobs there? No.
Click on Search openings link. Are the jobs there? No.
But there is a Search form. Fill the form
Click search, and VOILA! Here are the jobs.
In just 7 clicks and you are reading a job description!

From a usability point of view – that is a failure.

By looking a bit deeper into the structure of the page itself, one can see that the jobs are actually not on the, but the page is actually showing a page in a window frame. The effect of that is that no search engine will ever find a single job advertised on the page.

From the search engine optimisation point of view – that is a failure.

Compared to the Microsoft Recruitment site in Ireland that has even the RSS feeds,

eBay and PayPal Irish career website
wins the
2nd Best Irish Recruitment Site Award for 2008.

I also need to mention that eBay is one of the 10 Best Companies to Work for in Ireland.

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
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Hello I have just posted a little something comparable relating to eBay and PayPal Irish career website on my web log the other day. How modest is the web :)

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