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Job Aggregators in Ireland

Job Aggregators have their fair share of success and problems. As far I can remember the first one in the Irish market was It was displaying jobs from about 5 to 7 job boards that existed in Ireland back in 2002 -2003. Job boards went ballistic!!! Every single one of them turned aggressive, and word ‘court’ found its place in every single sentence they produced. It wasn’t funny. Later the service was actually reversed. So as opposed to take the jobs from the job boards we made a Multiple Job Posting service, so as opposed to take jobs to job boards, all of the sudden we started feeding the recruiters jobs to the job boards. Now we are all ‘Partners’ and we get nice boxes of chocolates and stuff for Christmas from them (Except one!!!).

A number of jobs aggregators have been launched since in the Irish jobs market. Actually about one a year. You can see them stopping advertising in Google AdWords from a few months from the launch to about a year later. None of them invests in the search engine optimisation (SEO), therefore are dependent on the visitors traffic from the search engine marketing campaigns (SEM). Economically such a business model is not sustainable economically, and when the investment is spent, they tend to vanish from the job advertising scene in Ireland.

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