Irish Jobs Advertising Prices

The jobs postings on Irish jobs sites are purchased as job slots. The slots last for 30 days and can be re-used. Some of the web sites do not let you reuse the jobs slot, but sell you jobs credits as opposed to the jobs slots (be aware!). Extensive discounting is available with volume that usually follows the pattern below:

Quantity Price Per Slot Cost
1 €150 €150.00
3 €375 €125.00
5 €575 €115.00
10 €725 €72.50
20 €775 €38.75
50 €1750 €35.00
100 €3000 €30.00

* all prices are exclusive of VAT at 21.5%

In addition to jobs advertising services jobs sites will also offer sponsored branding opportunities to recruiters via jobs by email alerts and monthly newsletter emails. Banner advertising on most of the sites is also available.

What do you think of the Irish Jobs sites pricing?