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Recruit Ireland goes FREE!

Recruit Ireland found itself an a bit funny situation this month. On one hand they are the main sponsor of the National Recruitment Federation Conference later this week. The NRF is the association of the Irish Recruitment Agencies, and most of them are actually Recruit Ireland’s paying clients. On the other hand Recruit Ireland has decided to give Free Jobs Advertising for Ireland’s Employers – that are basically the clients of the agencies, hence their clients. Employers loved it since there is something free for them. We all like free things. Agencies hated it since they lost revenue while their cost (a fee that Recruit Ireland charges) is still the same.

Via the various channels different recruiters have publicly disapproved the move by Recruit Ireland. All the Recruitment Agency blogs and Social Networking Discussions state the clear and strong disapproval with the move. Recruiters feel it’s not a fair move. And they all raised the question – What will their own association (that charges them for membership as well) do about it? The 2009 NRF conference will therefore be very interesting, with the Recruit Ireland as the main sponsor, and 118 agencies, most of them angry (none has spoken anything positive about the move!)

From the Recruit Ireland’s perspective it was probably a – no brainer. They are not managing to sell any advertising to the Employers, and the Jobs site always looks better with the Employers jobs on it. No one likes the 100% recruitment agency dominated web site. So they decided to give it up for free to employers. It will fill their database of potential future clients.

I am really looking forward to the NRF conference later this week since there will obviously be some interesting discussions!

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You could say that reactions to the move by recruitireland have been strong. You could also say that there is much confusion about the motivation behind the move. This blog: Recruitment agencies angered by offering free job slots to employers suggests that it may be a move to prevent them from going under, but a hell of a gamble at the same time. Certainly more than one agency has mentioned that they will be carefully considering their annual subscriptions. It is not like there is a shortage of job sites!

I too am looking forward to the NRF conference.

I was the person who started the discussion on Linked In about this issue, although I am sure that I beat many many people to it by a matter of seconds, such is the disgust at the actions of Recruit Ireland.

I have read Ian’s blog and he may have a point.

If agencies allow themselves to be shafted like this they will never gain traction in the Irish market again.

As compared to a jobseeker writing her own resume, a resume written by a professional expert resume-writer would any day prove better.


Before sending that well-written resume to a recruiter, can a jobseeker figure-out in advance what would happen if that resume

 gets ” rated / ranked / scored ” by recruiter ?

 gets compared automatically with resumes of other applicants ?

Will she get an interview-call ?

To know what is likely to happen , she has to just type “Resume Rater” in Google / Yahoo / Bing , and download this software tool ( free and without even login ) from any of the 35+ websites. Then rate her resume.

Resume Rater mimics the ” resume-evaluation ” process of recruiters’ minds but does it in an unbiased / objective way.
Resume Rater is absolutely non – discriminatory.


hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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Recruitment Managers do not need more resumes. They have enough on their hard disks to fill the next 1000 vacancies !

If only , these resumes were to be ” searchable “.

What recruiters need is a ” Resume Search Engine ” aka

” Resume Rater “.

When processed using ” Resume Rater “, these thousands of unsearchable text resumes lying in hundreds of files and folders on your harddisk, get
o Rated……………. ( score-wise )
o Organized…….. ( Function / skill wise )
o Meaningful……. ( for which vacancy ? )
o Searchable……. ( a matter of seconds )
No wonder 2173 copies of ” Resume Rater ” recruitment software have been downloaded from

– which ranks ” Resume Rater ” # 65 out of some 860 Database Management Softwares.
It is free and no need to even register !
With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

Are jobseekers right in asking ,

Where is the level playing field ?

63 years after Independence, Indian Recruiters are still asking the candidates ,

 What community do you belong to ?

 What does your father do for living ?

 Which is your home state ?

 Why did you divorce ?

 What is your mother tongue ?

 Who is prime minister of Hungary ?

Jobseekers are wondering :

” Does my work-performance in this Organization depend upon what my answers are ? ”

Am I exaggerating ? Has anyone faced more irrelevant questions ?

And do questions get “ tailored “ to the candidate sitting across the recruiters ?

And what questions are Recruiters elsewhere asking ?

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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