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Internet Activity, or ‘Will Irish Recruitment Agencies get the importance of the Search Engine Ranking?

What do people do most on the Internet? When asked, the response is the mixture of:
House hunting
Cars related searches
Jobs searches

Holyday related searches, mortgage, insurance are the second most important group.

Almost all the behaviour monitoring will record the same above activities. This is what we ‘admit’. In the same time Internet itself consists of more than 2/3 of some king of pornographic content. I wonder whom is that for?

Anyway, the major three activities, let us call them Property, Cars and Jobs here, and really very funny when it comes to the Irish Google placements (web site positioning) for the relevant key phrases. While Property and Cars have a 3 to 5 strong market leaders, and the rest of the first page of search results is filed by the sites that just ended up there, the Jobs category seems to have a super strong competition (compared to the two other categories).

By default shows 10 results of a search performed. So 10 web sites can be of the first page. The rest of the results has a far less ‘Visibility’. The top 5 or 6 pages are what was called ‘Above the Fold’ before, since ht monitor resolution would allow only the top half of the results page to be displayed at a time. To see the rest, the user had to scroll down.

In general the people click more on the result positioned higher. The Number One listing in a Google Search Result is extremely important for any Internet related business. So if you are a Job board… you get the point.

Again the problem with the ‘Jobs’ market in Ireland is that there is currently about 35 web sites that would like to call themselves a Job Board. There is also about 400 Recruitment Agencies web sites that would benefit greatly from the high placement in search engine results pages.

Historically looking, for the most important keyword for job searching in Ireland: ‘Jobs’ – there NEVER was a single recruitment agency on the first page of the search engine results page. At least not in the last 5 to 7 years. That is simply because there are all those job boards filling up the spaces. To make the situation even more interesting every year there is more and more job boards in Ireland. Niche job boards are popping up like mushrooms all over. It really is not that easy to find the industry that does not have its own ‘Specialist Job Board’. Most of the strong industries have multiple niche job boards active today.

It really is interesting to see the recruitment agencies that are multimillion businesses paying for the advertising slots on a job boards that are a single man operation, or even someone’s ‘Second Job’.

I am really interested to see who will be the first Irish recruitment agency that will realise the importance of being listed on the first page of for the phrase like ‘Jobs’, and actually manage to do it! Anyone ready to place a bet???

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
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We, at FRS Recruitment, and I, in particular, share your views and we are currently working very hard to achieve better, if not top, google ranking. Our website and search engine optimisation strategy have been updated in recent weeks ( ) and we are already seeing improvements, although we are not there yet. As you point out, it is puzzling to see small job sites consistently beating established recruitment agencies on google. I will take on board your advice of using blogging as another sourcing/advertising tool, and congratulate you on this very interesting and rare analysis of the irish recruitment market. PS: I have been using linkedin for 2 month and find it good but I believe it’s still in its infancy on the irish market compared to the US.

In fact, to reach the No.1 in google for some specific keywords, is not so difficult but 100% NOT as easy as some SEO company stated. Which depends on too many factors but some is very effective.Do not pay to any SEO company who promise they will help you to achieve page 1 ranking in days or even in hours.


We have looked through the following page on your site

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We would like to recommend the addition of our site Careerjet (, an employment search engine for the Ireland. In one simple search, Careerjet gives the job seeker access to a massive selection of jobs that are compiled from various internet sources, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually.

We hope this site will interest you and can be included in your listings.

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Recruitment agencies in Ireland would struggle without Jobboards particularly with the decline of newspaper advertising. It is amazing the results a bit of elbow grease (and expert guidance)can achieve. I have been working on a few blogs and I am now generating over 1500 hits a day all related to CV, Recruitment, HR, Interview etc. How valuable would this traffic be to recruitment agencies? Certainly valuable to me!! Interested in advertising – get in touch!!

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