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Well it was only about 30 hours ago, when we announced The Launch of the Job Site, and we have just sent the first application to the Recruiter!!!

There are a few milestones in the development of the jobs site:

Uploading the site to the Internet so that it is visible to everyone.
Publishing your first jobs
Inviting other employers to publish jobs
Sending your first application
The first contact from an employer interested in advertising
The first returning customer
The first approach by the competition, (another job board) testing waters, and checking how are you doing
The first approach from the buyer
SALE!!! is about 30 hours old now. We have done almost half of the list above! :)


New Recruitment Web Site Launch: RSS!

How do you launch a recruitment web (a job board) site in Ireland?

The Traditional (offline) way

You ring everyone you know. You get everyone you can get to ring everyone they know. You get your PR going., You send email with the announcement and the invite to the launch party to all your customers. And partners. Everyone!!!

What is the result? You get a few (and a half) jobs advertisers by some young and naive recruiters or employers. You don’t really get job hunters on your site.

Obviously with a couple (and a half) of jobs advertised only, you cannot really call it a job board, especially since not a decent application went through yet. You have more recruiters visiting than job hunters.

You failed.

Soft Launch

But you are the entrepreneur. You bounce back!!! You recognise our failure, and just rename it to the ‘Soft Launch’. To potentially give you an opportunity to do it again. When you learn how to do it. Or get money from someone to do it right.

Harsh Reality

You want to give your job site another go, and realise that the marketing budget should include a bit more than a cocktail sausages on a Launch Party. There is a need for the whole range of the activities, and all of those are online activities:

  • Pay Per Click advertising with Google AdWords?
  • Is that for you? No! It’s far too dear to pay an euro for a single visitor!!!

  • Search Engine optimisation?
  • To pay an enormous daily rate to that agency or a consultant who will just tell us that we need to spend even more money?

  • Social Networking?
  • We don’t have time to write blogs! We don’t have them to read other blogs and comment and engage in the conversations!

  • Social Bookmarking?
  • – ok, if you understand what this means in the online recruitment context, your knowledge is far above the average recruiter today.

    The scenario above happens every month in Ireland since I am in this business. A new job boards are popping up like mushrooms. Most of us do not hear of them really. Since they never do much but the ‘Launch’ thing above.

    I did the opposite today. I launched I did not tell anyone about it. Never will actually. I will probably NEVER ADVERTISE the new job site. No press releases. No unbiased articles in the Sunday Business Post. Those that actually cost you ¼ of a page in the Recruitment Section. is born today! It’s official!!! :)

    Blogs Jobs Microsoft

    Microsoft International Tech Jobs Blog

    As Gretchen correctly pointed out in the comments of the Microsoft Jobs Blog – The Winner of The Best Recruitment Blog in Ireland Award 2008 the Microsoft Jobs in Ireland are actually covered on the Microsoft International Tech Jobs Blog as opposed to the US one.

    The Microsoft International Tech Jobs Blog is actually on a Live Space platform that has its own advantages and disadvantages as a blogging platform. Live Spaces is great for networking since it is integrated with both Hotmail and Instant Messenger, and you can have your Profile and Photo albums there as well. So kind of a well rounded service offering a nice integration of all various social networking activities. The drawback for a blog itself is that if the blog is the only thing you want to promote, your interface is extremely cluttered with all this MSN stuff all over the page. There isn’t a 1000 WordPress Skins to choose from to apply to match you taste and needs. You are just stuck with all this advertisements for Windows Live Something. OneCare. WhoCares?

    Declan Fitzgerald’s blog is in the Irish environment simply revolutionary. Two things stand out:

    • 1. RSS Feeds of Microsoft jobs in each EMEA Centre
    • 2. Video representation of each Microsoft EMEA Centre

    Oh, and BTW all the Microsoft Jobs in Ireland posted as blog posts.

    Declan has got it right. It is extremely simple to check and subscribe to the RSS of fresh Jobs in Ireland for example, and there is an inviting video where Declan will walk you through what they do, and what they are looking for. Those are the two main messages a recruitment blog should have. It needs to say what are we looking for in the skills list, and show what positions are currently open. The RSS Feed is actually above the expectation here. Since this is the first Irish Employers Recruitment Blog, it has set a high standards for the followers.

    Again, well done Declan, and well done Microsoft in Ireland!

    Blogs Jobs

    WordPress has a built in RSS – What about Irish jobs sites?

    The WordPress blogging engine that is blog is written on has a built in RSS feed. The RSS feed is under the URL:

    Subscribe to RSS Feed

    Which is exactly where you would expect it to be!

    Anyway, a RSS feed is what you can send your job hunters to subscribe to on your job site. Most of the good job boards do it, but Irish Recruitment Agencies and the Direct Employers especially fail here graciously.

    Just imagine where your recruitment web site feed (RSS) that delivers a new job to the RSS readers as each time you post a new job.

    So exactly what Google XML Sitemap does to the Google search engine results page (SERP), where you can ‘push’ your new page in the SERP instantly, the RSS ‘pushes’ the new job to the RSS reader like Microsoft Outlook 2007.