Job Secs vs. Blog Posts

Blog posts and job descriptions are similar sized chunks of text. Both are written to attract the reader. Job description has a definitive and clear call to action, the Apply button underneath. Blog post does not have a natural path where you want to send the visitor. One of the best tactics is to finish with the sentence that lists relevant articles, for further reading. You cannot really do this with the first blog post, since there is nothing to link to (jet). You will find out that your will further develop some ideas you already blogged about, and will continue writing on the same topics. When you do, you can go back to the original posts, and edit them to include the links to the never articles for the further reading.

The other way of achieving the similar result are ‘Tags’. By adding tags to your articles you are grouping them, so anyone can list all your blog posts based on the tags printed below the article.

The best solution is to post both. The finishing sentence or two where you are recommending a further reading, and a list of tags that are links to all the articles marked with any of those tags. Luckily the WordPress places tags for you under each post (in the default Themes).


a>Why is the Google XML Sitemap important?

This is blog an example:
Day 1. – Domain registered and blog set up
Day 2. – Sitemap installed
Day 3. – Blog in the SERP in Google SERP

The domain is 3 days old, and it has no links to it. Do you know of ANY other way of getting your domain in the search engine results that quickly?

A few minutes later – after this post was published you can see it in Google SERP allready: - Blog post in Google SERP instantly after publishing

22 hours

22 hours ago I decided I will start a blog. This is my first post.

I just want to document what is needed to start blogging:

I spent some time thinking about a name, and since this is a blog about jobs, I decided to call it simply

Domain name: are the people to talk to about getting the domain name registered in Ireland. There are a lot of options to choose from, and people there are friendly and will explain you what are your options, and how to go about them.

Blog Engine:
Why did I choose the Simply because it seems to be the most used. Free to use, and a lot of customisations available.

I visited web sites of the three most known (to me) web hosting companies to compare packages and prices. Hosting365 seamed expensive, would not install for you, and the pricing was a bit complex. had a Blog Hosting package offer on their front page. Transparent pricing, ordered via the web site yesterday late in the evening.

So in 22 hours what have happened exactly?
I made an order on in the late evening, called them today at 10AM to ask what is the next step, they asked for the credit card details, and I pad over the phone. They processed the order and requested the documentation regarding the Irish domain registration. I faxed it to them, they have sent it to the, some 2 hours later a email from IEDR came to inform me that my request for the domain name has been approved. In the next refresh of the DNS (noon and 5 PM Monday to Friday) my web site is alive and well on the Internet!

It took me some time to install myself – via the interface provided by the Admin panel from I did have to uninstall it, delete the database, install again, and repeat it for a few times to get it done right. It took 15 minutes only really. It’s all clicking on the buttons called Install and Uninstall really.

Anyway, 22 hours after I got an idea about the blog – here it is! And my first post on it!

22 hours is all it takes to set up a blog and start blogging. You only really need to do the steps above, and it’s all it takes!