You are in the driving seat of your career

The youth unemployment is still in the double digits numbers in almost all European countries. The recession is slowly receding and there are positive signs all over. The US stock market is at it’s highest numbers ever, the oil price is on the other end of the scale, and that is all helping the economy – increasing your chances to land in a job you wanted!

You are in a  driving seat of your career 1

One thing was the truth before the recession, during it and is still very much the truth now: You are in the driving seat of your career! If you want to become a Formula 1 driver you need to start somewhere. here is a local Driving Lessons school in Dublin. If you don’t do all you can to land it that dream job of yours, it very unlikely to happen. Why? There are plenty of of the colleagues of your yours who WILL do all they can to compete with you for the same job. The one who puts the most effort, and does it best will land in the best job. Will it be you? If you do all you can, you will get a job you deserve!

The most important is not to give up. Not to give up before you even started. The job will not come to you, you have to go and get it. Remember, even in the worst European economies, the majority of graduates do get a job almost straight out of college. Why do they get it? Because they have done something about it. They went out, looked around, found what they wanted and did all they could to land in their desired role.

And so should you.

Sending your application and the CV via the job sites, in the comfort of your home is far them enough nowadays. Uploading your CV to the CV databases and waiting to be found, rarely ever works any more. Having the perfect LinkedIn profile is nice, but itself usually does absolutely nothing for your career, especially in the early stages of it. Recruiters are sourcing for the experience that simply isn’t there on your LinkedIn profile.

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