Salary Survey 2009

Remember the days when the recruitment agencies have been publishing the salary surveys? Not only publishing them but printing them on fancy glossy paper and sending to the potential and existing clients? Some even went that far to burn in onto a CD and send it that way. How comes no recruitment agency actually got the idea to print them on the USB flash drive is beyond me, since most of us would keep the drive somewhere – with the recruiters logo printed on it…

Anyway the salary surveys will be far less popular this year. I am also imagining them far less accurate, because God only knows what will salaries be like during this year. Look at your house price, can you say for certain what is it worth? How about your car? Is it worth the price a similar one is advertised in the local shop? Or the price it has on the web? Is it actually selling for that price (or how far below the asking price)? We do not really know what many things are worth at the moment. What was Anglo Irish worth (that the government had to nationalise it)?

It is quite unlikely we will see many fancy salary surveys around in 2009. You might as well look into the glass ball to estimate the salary ranges for certain positions. I guess we will all be asking ourselves trough the year – what are we really worth?

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