Recruitment Roadshow 2008 Dublin

Recruitment Roadshow 2008 Dublin Premier Group

Recruitment Roadshow 2008 Dublin in Connaght House, Premier Group

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Recruitment Roadshow 2008: What is The Best Job Title?

Recruitment Roadshow 2008 took me to Swords and Tallaght today visiting the two La Creme & Premier offices. It was really interesting how the same presentation I am giving every day evolves from the contribution from the recruiters I meet every day. The most interesting topic we spoke about today was the Job Titles. Basically the question was:

What is The Best Job Title?

Since the Job Title appears in the Job Search Results on the job boards, and it also appears on the Search results of the search engines, it is very important to write the job title in a such way that it invites the web site visitor to click on it. If the job title does not make a job hunter click on it to see more of the job, the application process gets ‘broken’ and a visitor/CV is lost.

The conclusion is that a job title has to be:

    Attractive – it needs to sell the job

By looking at the Google Analytics data of a recruitment agency web sites or a job sites, and comparing the number of views of the same job with a different job titles gives a definitive answer, and that is that:

The job tile on a recruitment agency web site and a job boards shouldn’t be the same!

Why? Simply because you are trying to attract the job hunter in the different environment.

Job Titles for the Job Boards

Job boards contain thousands of jobs. Most likely there will be numerous jobs with the job tile that is exactly as yours. Standing out is a good thing. Sometimes you need to ‘Go Crazy’ as well (for certain type of jobs). I have heard how the tiles like: ‘Can you sell ice to the Eskimos’ work well, simply since they stand out.

Recruitment Agency and Corporate Site Job Titles

Job tiles on your own web site need to be far more formal. There are two reasons for it. Here you do not compete with the rest of the recruiters in the country. Here it is all about you and your brand. Informative, descriptive, short, attractive…

Another point is that your web site content is the main driving force to the web traffic to your recruitment web site. The majority of the content of the recruitment sites are the job descriptions. Google just loves your jobs online since they get updated regularly, and Google ‘loves’ the live content. Your job titles will most likely (should really!) contain the most used search phrases to drive the traffic from Google. If you want relevant traffic you need the job titles that are 100% relevant to your jobs.

This simply points to the obvious:

Job titles for the job boards and job titles for your company web site shouldn’t really be the same.

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Recruitment Roadshow 2008

When you get stuck with a job for many years, and you are good at it, in time you will become an expert. If you are passionate about your job and like it, you will explore and find ways of improving it. You will talk to other people in the industry and get to the forefront of the innovation.

Or is it just me?

One way or the other, I have spent my last 5 years in managing online recruitment web sites. It drove me into the whole search engine optimisation (SEO) industry, and all kind the online recruitment related disciplines like multiple job posting, developing of the clients recruitment agency web sites and in general consultancy for the Irish recruiters. Combining the knowledge gathered and the relevant experience gave me a clear picture where the recruitment in Ireland currently is, and where is it going. Comparing it with the UK market is a natural thing, but the American and Japanese are actually today about a year more advanced, and better ‘describe’ our Irish future.

I have spent years training recruiters on how to use all kinds of various online recruitment tools. From the early job boards like and aggregators like to the I run today. Then came blogs, then came social networking, really simple syndication, mash-ups of all those and as well the!

Online recruitment has changed in the last 12 months more than it have ever before. It is perhaps only comparable to the ‘restructuring’ in the recruitment industry ranks after the bubble burst.

The questions that every recruiter is asking today are:
1. Where to get the candidates?
2. Why don’t I get as much CVs or applications from the job boards?
3. Where is the quality of the applications (gone)?
4. Where should I advertise?
5. Should I use LinkedIN? How?
6. If every search begins in Google, why is Google AdWords so bad (expensive) for the recruitment? What are the alternatives?

To answer all those, I set down and prepared a presentation:

Recruitment Roadshow 2008

I will held presentations in various shapes and forms in a number of the recruitment agencies in Dublin, Cork, Limmerick, Gallway, Waterford and … during this last few days in May and the whole June. Still a few days available in the mid June. The next round will start at the mid September 2008, so book early at 01 440 1900!