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Job Search Keywords

Publishing a job advertisement on the web strongly benefits from the search engine optimisation of the jobs post itself. Regardless of the job board you are publishing your job you will definitely get more applications if you apply the search engine optimisation techniques to your job advertisement.

How to optimise your jobs postings for the search engines?

There is very little that a job board will let you control on the web page where your job is advertised. The only element of the page that you can control is the text on the page. You cannot do much with the URL, Title, Meta,… it is on the job board staff to worry about that. You control the text. ‘The Content’. And you know what the search engine optimisation specialists say? They say: ‘The Content is the King!’. What is the importance of content in the search engine optimisation? Well search engine optimisation is actually all about the content. Search engines actually do not do much but read, analyse and index the content on the web pages. If your content is original and relevant to the particular term, a search engine will display your page in the listings for the search phrases your content is about.

But what we forget to write in the content is what people are actually searching for. When writing a job specification for the job advertisement we forget to actually mention the word ‘Job’. I the same time we are trying to attract someone looking for a job. We do know that when someone is looking for a new job, that is exactly what he will write down in the search engine, the word job or jobs. In the same time when writing a online job advertisement we co rarely put a word job or jobs in it. In fact the job boards themselves tell us to put a whole list of other words, but not to mention a most important word jobs?

Just remember, you are advertising a job!!!

For any search engine to consider your job posting worth displaying in the search ranking pages you have to use the word ‘jobs’ frequently in your job advertisement!