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Golden Spider Awards 2008

Newbridge Silverware have won the 2007 Golden Spider Award for \"Best e-Business Website\"It is 50% more expensive to be in the Golden Spiders this year…

If there is anything an entrepreneur cannot stand it’s the PR stunts for the ‘Big Boys’. When you are starting your average ‘Two Boys in the Shed’ (or kitchen, bedroom or even attic if you are lucky!) company, with absolutely no investment other than your old PC, the worst thing that can happen to you is to get ‘An Invitation’ for the Awards ceremony that you cannot pay the entrance fee for. An invitation to pay the entrance fee… Imagine if you get a invitation to see the show in the cinema, that starts with you paying for the ticket first.

Basically it is the invitation to empty your wallet in our bag, please? Thank You!

Golden Spider Awards seems like a respectable event. The usual carvery menu, a bit of wine, and a table decorated by the flower. Black Tie recommended – required to get published later on, on the photographs.

What does it to enter the Golden Spider Awards? I get a call every year now, and remember the last years cost of €100. This year it is €150. Right. That makes it 50% more expensive than last year.