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When your competition and independent industry experts point to your web site as the best there is very little more, that is more satisfying. Yes I know you are going to say what about the revenue and profits? OK, yes that too, but the first next best thing then is a clear industry recognition of a true winner. A real market leader, the one all the competition aspire to be. Here is Jonathan Campbell the most known recruitment trainer in Ireland today showcasing the elements of the web site in his training session, and also publishing statistics showing on top of the list of Irish recruitment agency web sites.

For two years I have worked on the web site. It was far from a leading spot when I took over the ownership of it. The worst thing was Google didn’t really ‘like’ it very much. As time went by, optimizing the site little by little, I watched Google Analytics every morning, and witnessed the traffic growing. In the first 12 months we got it 4 times higher. Yes, 400% traffic increase in a year on

Funny enough we still couldn’t say – we ( are number one web recruitment agency site in Ireland. You simply do not know what traffic others are achieving. Every now and then I would get a recruitment manager of a certain industry saying –this and that agency are always above us in the searches! What do we do about it?! I could do nothing to prove them wrong. I only had our visitors data, and could show it growing, and growing quick.

In the second year of working on web site, and staring in the traffic figures every day, I realised we have actually done something. We have done something BIG. I simply couldn’t believe ANY recruitment agency could be having such traffic and especially number of applications made on the web site. We go to the stage where the would deliver more CV’s than paid jobs sites. Even within CPL there have still been those that believed that we are still below some other agencies. Some also believed we are just scratching the surface, and our traffic could be 100 times more based on ‘their estimates’. I love democracy and the freedom of speech but,…

Most importantly, the same growth we have achieved with the web site was exactly in the years that job seekers drastically changed their online behaviours, and simply stopped looking for jobs online as they have been before. All job sites have shown a decrease in web site traffic number in that same period when grown so much.

Last month I looked at requests for proposal from different recruitment agencies to develop their web sites. What was remarkable was the number of times was referenced in those documents. Yes, it made me feel proud about what we did with web site. Especially since now I can proudly say aloud: is the top recruitment agency web site in Ireland!

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CPL Web Site - pointing to the CPL recruitment agency is the leading recruitment agency in Ireland. They managed acquire a number of competitors, and also grow organically in some areas. The web site is a quite important thing for any recruitment agency. It represents you on the Internet, and the Internet is the channel for the majority of the communication a recruitment agency does. Jobs are listed on the Internet for job hunters and your services are displayed on your site to your clients. Every single email has a reference to the web site to help drive the traffic to the recruitment agency web site.

And jet this most important communication channel gets neglected. How? Well simply entering the web address without the ‘www’ part in it so just gives you the web site of: Alliance Nurses Agency. You can view the real copy also on their domain address:

How did that happen? Most likely the configuration settings on the Microsoft IIS web server. I am guessing that the domain is set “All undefined” option, and the admin did not specify the to point to the same where the is pointing.

Note: Yes I did call CPL and have let them know….Note: Yes I did call CPL and have let them know…. And guess what I am told: “That is OK, they are part of our CPL Group.” :)