Outplacement Services – What is it?

The job and employment landscape has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Once there was a job for life. Nowadays employees can expect anywhere from five to thirteen job changes throughout their career. Some of this change is self driven but other times employees are forced into this situation through redundancy. Redundancy is a popular topic in Ireland in this current climate with most industry sectors affected.

Redundancy can be a difficult time for all parties – employees and employers alike. Outplacement services supports organisation and employees through this difficult time. Outplacement Services for the most part is direct support to the affected in the form of CV, Career and Interview supports. It can also encompass support for the employer breaking news and managing communication and
support for the survivors remaining in employment.

Outplacement Services – What are the benefits?

Outplacement services have benefits for employers and
employees including:

  • Outplacement Services project a positive image of
    the company externally to customers and investors.
  • Outplacement services project a positive message
    internally to the staff remaining “survivors”. This can help Improve
    morale, staff retention and increase productivity.
  • Outplacement services send out a clear message
    that a company cares. This can have an immediate impact as outlined but
    also future impact when attracting future employees.
  • Outplacement Services ensure that affected staff
    are supported through their career transition to new employment, education
    or training.
  • Outplacement Services can help reduce
    individual’s emotions like resentment and anger.

Outplacement Services – What is offered?

Executive Outplacement – these are programmes tailored for executives or
senior managers. They are bespoke programmes facilitated through 1-1 coaching and
cover topics including: moving on after redundancy, career assessment and
direction, CV support, job hunting strategies and interview preparation.

Individual Outplacement –These programmes offer 1-1 coaching and flexibility
to meet individual needs. These programmes vary in length and content with modules
– career coaching and assessment, CV preparation, job search, interview advice
and ongoing support.

Group Outplacement – This is outplacement support in a group workshop

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Recently, we’ve noticed a major change in the outplacement supports individuals are requesting. Many of the traditional elements don’t seem to resonate as much as earlier – eg. Cv prep, job-search, interview coaching, etc. In fact, immediate reemployment seems to be no longer the priority among many of our recent individual candidates. Instead, our outplacement support work is more & more being drawn into wider life option explorations with candidates. There is a feeling out there that the world of work as we knew it during the Celtic Tiger years ain’t returning. There is also a wider sense of hurt among folk, a really big dint, I think, in the employer-employee psychological contract, caused by the reckless behaviour of some of the bigger Irish companies, especially the banks – and, folks appear alot more eager to explore alternatives to going back to those type of employments again. Paddy Collins has written more about this in Outplacement in Transition.

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