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Video CV is here!

Ever noticed how hiring graduates based on their CV’s isn’t fun at all? Same CVs, with lots of education all over and no experience, at least not relevant one? Ever got into the situation where you cannot really determine anything relevant in eth CV, and started basing your filtering process solely on the ‘Interests’ and ‘Sports’ at the bottom of the CV?

If you recognise our self above, you will like what is coming next! A Video CV! You can actually SEE and HEAR the candidate. Now how is that in comparison to the poorly filled CV template with most of the required data for the CV (no Experience?!).

Thanks to a brilliant idea by that is all about to change!

Across the ocean:
A similar service in the US: VISAUL CV just got $5 mill. funding yesterday. Is that the first funding in the Video CV arena?

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
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Hi there Ivan

Just to let you know CVizz is moving into phase two marketing launch planned for October 2008. We’ll be re-designing the home page to reflect the fabulous images already in use at college promotions in our first real branding exercise! Thanks to the great work of Bob at and the team supporting cvizz, we’re well up and running now and have just signed our first major customer, a multinational in the telecoms sector! So watch this blog for more news….you’ll ‘c’ it here first…..marie

Hi there just to let you know is relaunching the website 2nd week in October 2008 with a brand new marketing campaign as we go live to present cvizz at most of the career fairs around Ireland over the next few months. Cvizz will also present at the main Graduate Careers Fair at the RDS on October 14th ’08. We will be sponsoring the production of some new video footage by NCAD artist Lorcan McDonnell which will be on display at the fair. So watch out for us and pop in to say hi.

No Mobiles for unemployed Girls ?

Times of India ( 24 Nov.2010 ) reports :

County administration ( Panchayat ) of Lakh village ( UP / India ) has prohibited girls from using cell phones.

Earlier it had issued directives to girls, not to,

wear tight clothes

dance on stage at parties or even at home

Panchayat believes that mobile phones were to blame for the rise in elopement and same-caste marriages.

But Panchayat will change its mind if it knew that girls too can receive

Job Alerts on Mobile – JAM

Even in a village, having a job vastly improves the marriage-prospects of a girl . Boys simply love a working girl !

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on earth

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