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#truDublin is on today. It is branded as Un-conference, and I can only say – IT WORKS! A mix of recruiters from agencies and internal company ones, all interested to both hear and talk about the social recruitment. Job boards, guerrilla recruitment, facebook, LinkedIN, blogging, SEO, you name it. All the topics have been discussed in different small groups. Hey I am even going to lead a discussion thread on recruitment via twitter in in the afternoon session!

With @BillBoorman organising an event, you know you will not be bored. You are also guaranteed to hear and have a chance to share your views on the current and only just emerging recruitment trends. Great, great even for Irish Recruiters. The company I work for CPL is of course the main sponsor.

I was amazed with the amount of questions I got about the Jobs Market, especially from the international delegates.
More about it all later – I am late for the discussion thread I am supposed to be leading! :)

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