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Twitter is Hiring in Ireland!

As announced last week Twitter is setting up in Dublin. The first position is advertised today for the HR Business Partner.

Here is from the job announcement:

“We currently have an opening for an HR business partner. Here at Twitter, the goal of HR is to serve as a consultant across the organisation, to shepherd the core values and to protect the culture.”
“We help to foster relationships of trust, influence and change, when it is needed. Increasingly, we are championing best practice solutions before they are needed. And, very importantly, we provide great service to all of our employees. We spearhead solutions that promote healthy and productive professional lives for everyone at Twitter.”

Most of Irish media started speculation how “big” will Twitters presence be in Ireland? The comparisons and parallels with the recently set up companies have been drawn like the one most quoted from the IDA Ireland spokesman: “Facebook came to Dublin with plans to create 40 jobs and will employ 300 people at the end of this year. Google came here with plans to create 230 jobs and now employs 2,200.
What the IDA Spokesman forgot to mention is the number of staff LinkedIn has in Dublin. It is fairly small office, and there is no need to grow it further much really.

My prediction is that Twitters presence in Ireland will remain VERY small. There is no need for a large staff numbers . Nothing like Google 2,200 people really. Nothing like Facebook 200-something as well actually. Why is that?

Google has a long list of products that it supports and sells from the Dublin office. Do not forget that Google is the largest Advertising company in the world. We all know what Google AdWords is. Facebook is trying to do the same really. If you look at both of their average staff, it is all Account Management and similar sales positions. LinkedIn has ex recruiters selling recruitment packages.
What will Twitter sell you? Do you ever pay to Twitter? No. That is the truth today, and it could change once in the future. Up until then, Twitter doesn’t need the army of sales people as Google and other selling advertisements do. Twitter does not sell. Twitter does not support you much either, since you are not a paying customer. Twitter just show you that image of a whale being carried out by birds when the site goes down.

Or am I missing something?

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Social Networks – a threat to the Recruitment Agencies?

Social Networks are here! Recruitment and sourcing in particular is changing. Job Boards that the recruitment agencies have been relying for as their main source of candidates are getting smaller role to play today. The future for the job boards is not extremely bright either. Their dominance is being replaced by the social networks. There are more and better candidates using social networks than job boards. Recruiters had to follow the trend – moving their business of the job boards – to the social networks.

Job boards will not really die tomorrow. Job boards will still have their place in the online recruitment world. Most of them in a bit different shape or form. They will serve as repository for active jobs, and feed their data to the web sites with the high ant targeted traffic (do you recognise the description of a social network here?).

A lot of the recruiters are not extremely happy with the way that social networking sites are changing the recruitment. They feel the threatened. Why? They feel that they will be bypassed since employers will be able to source and recruit directly on the social networking web sites. Those recruiters go that far that they themselves do not use the social networks, trying to stop the wheel of change.

The change is here. And more of it is coming. Embrace it. Don’t fight it. Resistance is futile.

Online recruitment as well as any online business are changing. Changing constantly and rapidly (Microsoft: At the Speed of Light). Adoption spread and growth of the Internet fuel the acceleration of the change of Internet itself. Market penetration phase is shortening, and the market reach is growing.

Social networks are NOT the end of the recruitment agencies.

Internet brought the quick and cheap advertising to the recruiters 15 years ago in a form of job boards. Employers used them as well as recruitment agents. Both successfully. Both competed for the same candidate. Social networks are no different. Both direct employers and recruitment consultants will use them. If used right, social networks will be (are today!) extremely beneficial in the recruitment process. Does this mean the end of the tunnel for the recruitment agencies? Absolutely not! Recruitment agents have their place in the recruitment process, and will always have it as long as they add value. The tools they use will always the be the tools that are on the disposal of the employers as well. Social networks today, and whatever comes along tomorrow.

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How to use Twitter for Recruitment?

twitter_logo_headerTwitter is surprisingly good tool for the recruitment. You can track the conversations and when used in conjunction with LinkedIN or any other tool it shows the real time live activity of the person. As does Facebook. Monster or any other CV database will never tell you that. An application from a job site or your web site will never tell you what a person is really about. Twitter does. It also tells you what other people think the person is about. And that is unique in the recruitment industry.

Do not try to recruit by using Twitter alone. But you can use Twitter to find the conversation about topics. You can use the job skill as the topic, or even better a conference or something that has a time factor. You can find people that are talking about the certain themes – related to the job or a position you are trying to fill. Find who is talking about it, what do they talk about it and who do they talk about it to. There is your talent pool, with reference check, and a real time data about their recent activity.

Or you can put it all upside down. You talk about what you do. People who use Twitter well will know how to find you. Actually they will find what you have to offer, and that is your jobs. Talk, tweet, comment others, follow, you will get the lingo quickly. Find people that you know and respect, follow, monitor their followers. Just be active, as you would be on any networking event. Twitter is actually just one constant networking event. It is happening with or without you. It will not wait for you. You need to be in to meet the people you want to meet.

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Twitter Job Search

twitter-job-searchTwitter emailed us today to ask if they can take our jobs and publish them on Twitter. I had to read their email twice since I could not really understand / believe / comprehend / …fill here something yourself … / see value for them us or the end users.

So I tried to use the Twitter Job Search (beta), and made a number of searches. It is just a text search so not that sophisticated, you cannot really choose a salary range or a location. Just pure text search.

I wonder who is the next who will come in to the jobs sites market in Ireland. ? Dunnes? Nothing would surprise me anymore….