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Job Advertisement: Director of Permanent Sales, Cpl Recruitment

Job Description: 
A Director of permanent sales is needed in Cpl to develop consistent processes and drive the execution, development, and measurement of our permanent placement business in Ireland. You will need to detail and measure our progress towards achieving our strategy of becoming number one in each of the sectors in which we operate. Number 1 in particular in terms of customer satisfaction, (client + candidate) and number 1 in terms of profitability & efficiency. You will support the CEO, by directing all permanent placement activities and inspiring and influencing managers to deliver their best as a part of the senior leadership team.

Responsibilities include:

       Directs and coordinates all aspects of Cpl’s permanent placement day to day activities.

       Reviews previous day’s send outs, interviews and placements and challenges upcoming day’s and week’s activities as a result.

       Understands key metrics in each area and supports managers and sales team to improve fees.

       Agrees fees and recruitment plans

       Develops relationships with existing and prospective customers to strengthen customer relations.

       Will work with the Business Development Directors to create and implement sales strategies.

       Oversees permanent placement budget activities in order to sustain cost-effective business practices, maximize profits, and increase efficiency.

       Works with Managers and CEO to develop talent pool for future talent needs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Leadership Competencies

  • Vision creation – Study issues in light of past practices to understand current strategy of each team. Then work with managers to develop innovative strategies built upon both previous experience and company history.
  • Technical – Must be able demonstrate excellence in permanent recruiting and a deep knowledge of how to get results for both candidates and clients
  • Engaging – Capacity to quickly establish solid interpersonal relationships. Someone others want to follow.
  • Tactical – Emphasizes the production of immediate results by focusing on short-range, hands-on, practical strategies.
  • Process/Structures – He/she must have the ability to develop a systematic and organized approach in order to systematically achieve the required fees and results
  • Strong Communicator – Very strong listener and consultative approach He/she asks questions to obtain understanding of the situation. States clearly what he/she wants and expects from others.
  • Control – Adopts an approach where nothing is taken for granted, deadlines are set and persistent monitoring ensures activities are completed to expectation.
  • Management Focus – Seeks to take “ownership” and accountability. Leads and directs the efforts of others.
  • Achievement Orientation – Holds high expectations for self and others. Pushes self to achieve at high levels.

For additional information please contact Anne Heraty, Cpl on 01-6146015 or email

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How to use Twitter for Recruitment?

twitter_logo_headerTwitter is surprisingly good tool for the recruitment. You can track the conversations and when used in conjunction with LinkedIN or any other tool it shows the real time live activity of the person. As does Facebook. Monster or any other CV database will never tell you that. An application from a job site or your web site will never tell you what a person is really about. Twitter does. It also tells you what other people think the person is about. And that is unique in the recruitment industry.

Do not try to recruit by using Twitter alone. But you can use Twitter to find the conversation about topics. You can use the job skill as the topic, or even better a conference or something that has a time factor. You can find people that are talking about the certain themes – related to the job or a position you are trying to fill. Find who is talking about it, what do they talk about it and who do they talk about it to. There is your talent pool, with reference check, and a real time data about their recent activity.

Or you can put it all upside down. You talk about what you do. People who use Twitter well will know how to find you. Actually they will find what you have to offer, and that is your jobs. Talk, tweet, comment others, follow, you will get the lingo quickly. Find people that you know and respect, follow, monitor their followers. Just be active, as you would be on any networking event. Twitter is actually just one constant networking event. It is happening with or without you. It will not wait for you. You need to be in to meet the people you want to meet.