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Resumark: CV, Jobs, Free!!!

resumark_logoResumark brought in a nice new business model in the online recruitment industry. The concept is essentially borrowed from the Google AdWords – Google AdSense model. While Google pays the web site owners to show the Google AdSense on their sites and charges the Google AdWords clients to pay per click for those same adverts Resumark does the same with the CVs. Job hunters upload their CVs and get paid each time someone downloads the CV. Anyone can search the CV database for free, and gets a preview of the CV for free only. If you decide you would like the contact details as well – you pay to Resumark. Resumark in return pays the cut to the owner of the CV.

Just in case you did not get it, here is how Resumark explains their online recruitment and CV database business model:

Get Paid to Post Your Resume!

Post Resume or create it online using our free Resume Assistant. Make $1 every time an employer downloads your resume!

Search Jobs that match your profile and join the fastest growing Job 2.0 Network!

In today’s economy even job search monsters are not enough. Invite friends and earn money together when their resumes are downloaded.

And for the recruiters and employers:

Free Resume Search & Job Postings

Search Resumes for Free using Google™ search technology. We give you full access to the entire resume database.

Pay only for the resumes that you choose to download. Compare to other services.

Post Jobs for Free and have them automatically distributed to major jobs sites and networks reaching millions of job seekers

Regardless if the business will work or not, Resumark is a step from the usual recruitment jobs sites. Time will tell if it was a step in the right direction. But what needs to be applauded here is the courage and the innovation in the online recruitment industry.

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flexitimers_logoWhen you put a good team together with a bit of funding a good things happen. It might take a few iterations, and polishing of the product, but the end result is what makes Ireland what it is – a nest for the Entrepreneurs!

Who is behind Flexitimers?

Dervla Cunningham and Joy Redmond made it all happen.

Cormac Kelly that we all know from the Sonru site review made sure the site has its looks.

What is Flexitimers then?

Here is what they say themselves:

Flexitimers is a self-service project board enabling companies to connect with consultants, freelancers, small businesses, contractors and specialists/experts for professional project work in Ireland.

To ensure both professionals and companies receive quality matches – profiles will not be ‘live’ on the site until they have been checked for completeness and email addresses verified.

The site is completely free for both professionals and companies to use. But both professionals and employers must register their details and verify their email address. This is to ensure to ensure all users of the site are genuine. It is also important to note that Flexitimers is a closed network – employers or other professionals cannot search through profiles. Profiles are only viewable to employers whose project matches your profile.

Flexitimers Pricing?

Flexitimers joins as a second FREE recruitment site for Irish Employers.

Flexitimers we wish you all the best!