Declan Fitzgerald’s (Lead Technical Recruiter in Microsoft)Blog

It is interesting to see how Microsoft employees know how to blog only, and I mean ONLY about Microsoft. They might stride to a game of golf, but in general, every single blog post from a Microsoft employee is about the Glorious Microsoft. No other company managed to ‘swing’ the employees as well as Microsoft does.

Declan is a Lead Techincal Recruiter in Dublin. Check the blog yourself: is brilliantly designed using’…. something tells me I will disagree, but let’s not jump o conclusions, perhaps this Silverlignt is not as it looks like, just another Flash. I will be writing about SilverLignt as a development platform for a recruitment agency web site early in the next year. It would be interesting to see if Silverlight can challenge WordPress (on php!).

Job Secs vs. Blog Posts

Blog posts and job descriptions are similar sized chunks of text. Both are written to attract the reader. Job description has a definitive and clear call to action, the Apply button underneath. Blog post does not have a natural path where you want to send the visitor. One of the best tactics is to finish with the sentence that lists relevant articles, for further reading. You cannot really do this with the first blog post, since there is nothing to link to (jet). You will find out that your will further develop some ideas you already blogged about, and will continue writing on the same topics. When you do, you can go back to the original posts, and edit them to include the links to the never articles for the further reading.

The other way of achieving the similar result are ‘Tags’. By adding tags to your articles you are grouping them, so anyone can list all your blog posts based on the tags printed below the article.

The best solution is to post both. The finishing sentence or two where you are recommending a further reading, and a list of tags that are links to all the articles marked with any of those tags. Luckily the WordPress places tags for you under each post (in the default Themes).