SEO for job advertisment?

Is Search Engine Optimization important for advertising your jobs on the job boards? Should you optimize every single job post? Isn’t optimization of job post on a job board actually only ‘Keyword Stuffing’, since you do not control any other page element?

Short answer:

Yes SEO is extremely important when publishing a job on a job board. Yes, you can only play with text, s0 make sure you do it well!

Why SEO-in a individual job post?

It will attract searches composed of number of words (‘Long Tail Search’) that describe the desired position. In general a job seeker that searches for ‘Jobs’ is on average of less ‘Quality Applicant’ than someone searching for ‘IT Project Manager Dublin South’.

By optimising the job specification for the search engines – the quality of the applicants raise dramatically. I have done tests with a number of my clients in publishing the two versions of the same role. One the way they would ‘Normally’ write it and the other highly optimised for the most used search words combined in search phrases constructed from:

  • Job location
  • Job title or role name
  • Job Location
  • Skills required or technologies used
  • Qualifications required or desired

The result is that the majority of candidates interviewed came from a version of the job advertised that was optimised for the search engines. The majority of the applications would tend to come from a day to 3 – 4 days after the publishing of the role. The overall quality of the applications would tend to go down as times goes by after that.

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How to post a job online Part 2: Job Tags / Keywords

The following article is the second part of three articles on – How to Post a Job Online. The first article is Job Titles. This second article concentrates solely on the Job Tags or Job Keywords.

Job Tags

Tags or Keywords are the words or phrases we can associate any page with to help the search engines and content management systems understand what is our content about.

How to create a set of tags that will drive traffic from the search engines to your job advertisement?

When you have crated your ‘perfect’ Job Title, you will most likely and up choosing one of the number of the good ones you came up with. That best one will then be your Job Title, and the rest of them you can use as Tags. How many? The more the better! Job sites usually let you publish around 1000 characters in the Job Keywords field, so do not exceed that limit.

Tags multiply the power of the Job Title. How do they do it? Simply because most jobs sites and modern CMS-es know how to use tags to generate pages, and links from them. If tags structure is applied correctly, it can multiply your job applications numbers.