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Job Advertisement: Director of Permanent Sales, Cpl Recruitment

Job Description: 
A Director of permanent sales is needed in Cpl to develop consistent processes and drive the execution, development, and measurement of our permanent placement business in Ireland. You will need to detail and measure our progress towards achieving our strategy of becoming number one in each of the sectors in which we operate. Number 1 in particular in terms of customer satisfaction, (client + candidate) and number 1 in terms of profitability & efficiency. You will support the CEO, by directing all permanent placement activities and inspiring and influencing managers to deliver their best as a part of the senior leadership team.

Responsibilities include:

       Directs and coordinates all aspects of Cpl’s permanent placement day to day activities.

       Reviews previous day’s send outs, interviews and placements and challenges upcoming day’s and week’s activities as a result.

       Understands key metrics in each area and supports managers and sales team to improve fees.

       Agrees fees and recruitment plans

       Develops relationships with existing and prospective customers to strengthen customer relations.

       Will work with the Business Development Directors to create and implement sales strategies.

       Oversees permanent placement budget activities in order to sustain cost-effective business practices, maximize profits, and increase efficiency.

       Works with Managers and CEO to develop talent pool for future talent needs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Leadership Competencies

  • Vision creation – Study issues in light of past practices to understand current strategy of each team. Then work with managers to develop innovative strategies built upon both previous experience and company history.
  • Technical – Must be able demonstrate excellence in permanent recruiting and a deep knowledge of how to get results for both candidates and clients
  • Engaging – Capacity to quickly establish solid interpersonal relationships. Someone others want to follow.
  • Tactical – Emphasizes the production of immediate results by focusing on short-range, hands-on, practical strategies.
  • Process/Structures – He/she must have the ability to develop a systematic and organized approach in order to systematically achieve the required fees and results
  • Strong Communicator – Very strong listener and consultative approach He/she asks questions to obtain understanding of the situation. States clearly what he/she wants and expects from others.
  • Control – Adopts an approach where nothing is taken for granted, deadlines are set and persistent monitoring ensures activities are completed to expectation.
  • Management Focus – Seeks to take “ownership” and accountability. Leads and directs the efforts of others.
  • Achievement Orientation – Holds high expectations for self and others. Pushes self to achieve at high levels.

For additional information please contact Anne Heraty, Cpl on 01-6146015 or email

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How to write a job advertisement – for Google?

Since the Irish recruiters have finally understood that the search engine optimization strategy is the key to the success of their business I get asked a same question more and more, and more often:

How do I write a job advertisement so that it attracts more and better quality candidates?

While the page you are publishing a job advertisement has the critical determining factor when it comes to search engine rankings, the targeted keyword phrase should still appear in the add itself. Also having your keyword combinations appear throughout the job specification generally helps search engines further identify the relevancy of the page for your search keywords.

Here are a few general tips for keyword integration in your jobs advertisements:
1. Job Titles
The most important place your keywords should appear is in the title tag of the page. The nice thing about job boards is that your job post or page title will be automatically transformed into both title tags and either an H1 or H2 heading tag as well. Remember, your headline should wrap your keywords in a pithy promise that perfectly communicates what the job is about.

2. Short Job Description
I’ve always found it useful to repeat the targeted keywords in the short job description, as long as it can be done in a way that is appealing to the candidate and reinforces relevancy. Since many job boards use this initial copy as the displayed description of the job, you want to make sure you are accurately inviting the candidate to click through as well.

3. Subheadings in Job Description
Another important place that keywords can appear is in subheads that aid the reader in navigating down the page. A resource that matches up well with the targeted keyword phrase will find natural opportunities to restate keywords in subheads, as an introduction to the next topical section of the page. Subheads are on jobs sites typically created using the H3 tag.

4. Related Words and Synonyms
Good job description copy should naturally result in words that are related to, as well as synonyms for, the keyword phrases you are after. Rather than mindlessly repeating the same words ad nauseam, assume that search algorithms are advanced enough to look for proper contextually-related words that support your targeted keywords. Think skills!

5. Specificity
One of the hallmarks of great job description is specific, descriptive words in lieu of bland general terminology. Specificity aids the reader by clearly demonstrating relevancy, allows for more dynamic copy, and provides opportunities to increase the general on-page keyword frequency. Make sure to employ your specific keywords when feasible within the context of the job description, rather than rely on generic wording.

6. How to Apply?
Let us not forget that we want the Candidate to apply for the job. Otherwise, what’s the point of advertising? Once again, your job advertisement should conclude with a call to action that prompts the reader to travel down the path you desire. It might be to use a facility to apply for a job on a jobs site, or to contact you directly. Your primary keywords should naturally fit in with the next step you want the reader to take.

The key to good job advertisement is crafting the content that seamlessly integrates keywords in a way that doesn’t offend the reader. In fact, good keyword-rich job advertisement should never even consciously alert the reader that keyword repetition is being employed for any reason other than his or her own benefit.

The other factors that determine whether your job advertisement will appear in the search results in the search engines, or your competitors is the number and relevancy of the links to the page where the job is advertised. You should certainly submit your jobs to the social media sites, especially if advertising jobs on your own web site as opposed to a jobs board shared with your competition.

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How to post a job online Part 3: Job Description

The following article is the third part of three articles on – How to Post a Job Online. The first article is Job Titles. The second is Job Tags and Keywords.This third article concentrates solely on the Job Description.

Job Description

Do not start your job description with:
Your job title – since it is probably printed above it on your Jobs Page in larger font.
An advertisement – We are the best company for…

Do start your Job Description with a sigle sentence that is 3 – 5 second sales pitch for your position. When a job seeker gets to the page your job is advertised you have a few seconds to get his attention to read the full long page and apply to your job. That is why your first sentence of a Job Description is crucial. Remember that a job seeker have seen the Job Title already, and that message brought him to the job advertisement page. The first sentence have to be the natural extension of the Job Title, so do not repeat it in full again, but tell the job seeker more about your job.

Under your first sentence very short paragraph use the headings to name the following parts of the job specification. Do not use more than 4 or 5 headings. Use the combination of the lists and the text in every job specification. It makes the page easier to scan and digest in seconds.

Do not end your job specification with jet another advertisement. Apply button is where you want the job seeker to end up, as quick as possible. Your conversion rate drops a single percent with every word too many in your job description. The unnecessary words at the need of the job description have even worse effect. A pure branding sentence about your company can reduce the conversion rate of a page where the job is advertised more than 10%, especially if it contains a hyperlink to another page (your home page).

A job description advertised on a web site has a function. When writing the content for that page – a Job Description, have that in mind. Be aware that the goal is to get the right candidate to the page (write relevant content) and get him trough the content as quickly as possible (headings, lists, formatting) to the application form. Your advertisements and branding messages have its place in your Company Profile (on jobs sites or anywhere else on your own web site. Their effect on the job advertisement page is just the reduction of applications.