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Oracle iPhone jobs application

Oracle iPhone Jobs App 0 Click to open in a large windowJust looking at the Oracle iPhone jobs application. Note that the Search screen has no free text search. As opposed it has the three ‘pull downs’ for Function, Country and City. It might be slightly unusual for job hunters used to do free text searches on any jobs web site. Should the mobile platform be limiting the job hunters so much? I am not too sure about it.

The ‘Choose’ buttons could be removed as well actually. If you click on an entry in the pull-down – I am guessing you have ‘chosen’ it? Or does this let you do some multiple choice?

It is early days jet and it will be the job seekers who will need to drive the further development. So some form of providing feedback on the apps functionality would also be nice somewhere, especially in the early days.

Congratulations to Oracle who is really leading the way in the recruitment innovation. The Blogging efforts, the communities and this mobile app really set your recruitment team apart any competition in Ireland.

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Find a Worker

find-a-workerFind a Worker is a jobs site and a business directory with a little bit of the social networking as well.

Find a worker is a job site. You can post a job for free.

Find a Worker is a business directory web site. You can promote your business here. Like the Golden Pages.

Find a worker is a personal branding site. You can advertise your own skills for free. Like LinkedIN.

What is missing on Find a Worker? Of course, and iPhone application to grasp all that data.

As a side offer, you can also purchase web sites on Find a Worker. They will also make sure that: “… your site is added to google with the appropriate keywords and meta tags…”.

Irish online recruitment scene is changing. There is more and more sites with innovative ideas like Find a Worker. Hundreds if not thousands will finish where they started, but one day one new idea and a site like this will change the way we do recruitment completely. It is the right time for the change!


Digg, Facebook, iPhone, LinkedIn, Twitter

I just love analyzing the statistical data. Where is a LinkedIN poll:

What is the most important new platform for brands to master: Digg, Facebook, iPhone, LinkedIn, Twitter ?


Twitter 36%
Facebook 29%
iPhone 17%
LinkedIN 15%
Digg 1%

Great! Now let’s put this into the perspective. This is a poll on the LinkedIN page. So the 100% of teh people who answered are a registered LinkedIN users.


Imagine now that you put a poll with the same question on Twitter? One think is almost sure. iPhone would be twice the size of LinkedIN. Twitter would be more than 60% is my best guess. Wouldn’t be surprised if it would jump to 80%.

Put the same poll on Facebook – and you will get Facebook lading, and Twitter afterwards.

The conclusion is that even the LinkedIN users know that LinkedIN is not the most important platform for companies to master.

The following shows chart that the higher you are in your company organization structure, the more you are aware that Twitter is the next BIG thing. More than half of ‘Business Owners’ say Twitter!