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How to do Social Recruitment on Networking Events

Social recruitment is not just searching the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for your perfect candidates. Social (aspect of) recruitment is using those to find people and reach efficiently to most of them via the social media. There are people that you will have to meet, since not all of us are comfortable tweeting and communication with recruiters in public forum. The best way to reach to those candidates are the trade shows and networking events related to them. Dublin Web Summit was a great sample of such an event. Today there is another –with slightly different audience expected. It is the Dublin Beta :: Launch Event. What is it? Here it is from themselves:

About Dublin Beta

Dublin Beta is the newest chapter of Silicon Valley’s largest and longest-running startup mixer, SF Beta. Join us for a stimulating evening of stimulating conversation, classy libations, and live exhibits from ten startups, coming from Dublin’s early-stage startup and technology community.

So who is likely to show up? Entrepreneurs! Will you hire them? No. So why bother?

Not every entrepreneur is successful in running the business and making profit. In fact, a fairly small p-percentage are. Can you find them some challenge in the roles you have open? If you ‘sell’ or ‘package’ your opportunities really well – you will attract the entrepreneurs as well.

So although non corporate heads on their shoulders, the Dublin Beta :: Launch Event is likely to attract the crème de la crème of the Irish IT entrepreneurs. You just need to find the way how to talk to them. In fact the best you can do is to turn it around. How about if they would want to talk to you on the event? How? Why?

Techies tweet. Like mad. The event has a hashtag that you can follow in twitter: #Dublinbeta. The event did not even start and there is a long list of people tweeting how they will come. Find your candidates between them. Follow, retweet and mention whatever is suitable in each case. Search for their LinkedIn profiles. Invite them to connect, and do mention you would like their opinion on something (that is relevant to each of them!). Ask for a few minutes on the event tonight. Make sure they have a lot to say about it. The result – you get a room full of people who can’t wait to talk to you!

Final tip: Make sure your profile photo is recent! If not make one right now and stick it online. The more recent the photo, the easier it is for people to recognize and find you on the crowded event. For best results – our make a photo of on the day of the event – in the same clothes your will appear on the event.