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CPLJobs Mobile Recruitment Application

Cpljobs have just launched Ireland’s first FREE job search App. Whether you’re an active job hunter or just keeping an eye on the market, the Cpljobs app is perfect for you.

Key Features:

  •  Search 100’s of jobs by location and industry
  • Create an account and set up Job Alerts that suit you
  • Ability to save and email jobs
  • Apply directly for jobs through the app

This app makes the difficult task of finding a new job so much easier.
Download it now for Free!

If you would like to speak to a consultant to help you with your search, call us today!
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Career Builder is comming to Ireland!

Something strange happened today. First a well known Irish Recruitment agency called on the phone this morning and asks if we can post their jobs via our Multiple Jobs Posting service to the CareerBuilder job site. I found it strange because CareerBuilder is an old site and it used to be US oriented so far. So I checked and guess what? There is a Irish site.


I looked around and it has about 15 clients advertising jobs. Not overtly impressive, but hey!? It’s a start. CareerBuilder is in Ireland!

As the day goes by, I was checking some recruitment sites of the Irish recruitment agencies to get some inspiration, and guess what? Cpl has a new web site. I actually liked the old one better. But this one has all the right things that a recruitment site should have today: Video, blogs, and this giant footer made of gazillion links. I watched the video. And noticed that the vide on the CPL web site is an advertisement for the CareerBuilder! I still do not get what is he jobs site advertisement actually doing on a recruitment agency web site. Beats me!