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Rocket JobsDecember is here, and December is the worst month in the recruitment industry. Why? First, it is short and second, it is the end of the financial year, and budgets are frozen. But the Irish Celtic Tiger does not sleep. Perhaps it should be rebranded in the Snow Leopard. Why? Since in our country even in December the now jobs sites are popping up like mushrooms after the rain. The new kid on the block in!

The logo and the web site colors show a strong resemblance to a ‘Home Made Burger’ place called Eddie Rockets. Oh yes, there is the resemblance in the name there as well when you think of it…

Perhaps it is the burger place branching out into the other industries since the news of the Irish pork being banned worldwide for the illegal amount of toxins being found. Their marketing should be: We have all Irish Jobs and,… would you like fries with that?

Honestly I think that Ireland will benefit from all those job boards. It will create jobs. People will work for those companies, web sites will be developed, marketing campaigns (or not?!), sales teams will call the recruiters… It’s all good for Ireland as a country and for Irish jobs market as well. It would be interesting to revisit each of this year’s new job board reviews in about 12 months time and see how is still there, and who is actually in the real competition to become a leading Irish jobs site.

Rocket Jobs – I wish you all the best!

(PS, I am not a great fun of a chicken burger really…)

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