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Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation interested in career opportunities

It is not that often that LinkedIn makes me laugh. But today it did! After accepting a connection request from a friend LinkedIn displayed a list of people I should connect to. Great and handy feature from LinkedIn. On the first page, there was one I recognised. But not from real life but from the TV screen. It was Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. I instantly felt good that LinkedIn thinks I am so important that I should link with a Minister in the Irish Government. And not just any minister, but a minister for Jobs. Since I work in recruitment for more than 10 years, there actually is a merit in that connection.

Anyway, I clicked on the photo to see the full LinkedIn profile of Richard Bruton who LinkedIn recommended I should connect with. I was scanning the profile – searching for the email address that (as usual!) wasn’t on the profile page. Fortunately googling the name and the title brought me to the page where I could get Richard’s email. But one thing caught my eye at the bottom of his LinkedIn profile.

Contact Richard for:
• career opportunities
• consulting offers
• new ventures
• job inquiries
• expertise requests
• business deals
• reference requests
• getting back in touch

There I had to notice that it is a bit funny that the Minister for Jobs is also interested in the career opportunities himself?!

I have sent MR Bruton an invitation as LinkedIn suggested, and of course, mentioned that it could be understood in unexpected ways that he is interested in the career opportunities while having the ‘Minister for Jobs’ title.

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