Recruiter blogging…. why?!

If you are a recruiter in Ireland today, your largest problem is to get relevant and ‘high quality’ applicants. In 95% of the cases you are better off with a candidate that is local, and also having the working permit is in most cases requirement as well.

Getting the job applications The Traditional Way:

    Job boards
    + their CV databases
    Your web site (+ Google AdWords)
    Mailshots (to the same job hunters you got the ways above)

All the above are getting more expensive each year. The quantity is decreasing steadily, and the quality of the applicants is decreasing rapidly.

Is a blog a way to recruit in the tomorrows market?

It certainly is! Why? Simply because the return on the investment is going to be far greater than from any other traditional jobs advertising media. Imagine having thousands of local and regular visitors to your blog, interested in the topics that are relevant to the industry you are hiring in?

What to write about?

If you want local visitors write about local topics. Did you got stuck in traffic again today? IS a road closed – warn your readers. Any good tip about something local is good. A new sandwich bar? Starbucks opened around the corner? Is the coffee good? Keep a local note in every post.

Your blog posts have to be about something that have just happened. Have you had an interesting chat with someone (who is well known). Did you participate in the symposium or an open table? Is there something new invented or implemented in your industry?

Positive & Professional (with a friendly touch…)
People far likely read a positive story. Leave Jackass to someone else. You are writing a professional blog, and it has its purpose. You want peoples CV’s. No one would send a CV to someone you do not trust.

Get your camera on the way to work out and take snapshots about the things you will write. Photographs and films make the story alive.

Do you have an opinion on the industry in general that you discuss with colleges? Do you have experience you can share so your readers benefit from it? Whatever is interesting to talk about with your colleges is worth blogging about! New technology? New process? Anything that is new, you have had some exposure to it, and would like to share it with your friends. That is what you should write about.

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