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I love Googleing for the new Irish jobs sites. It is fantastic how the search engines dig them all out somehow!

Anyway, here is the one that does not like the Irish recruitment agencies. It is called Recruit Direct! This site actually has a phone number and the physical address published. By having those two items it actually stands out in the crowd of the ne Irish jobs sites.

The design is kind of ugly. Then again it can be only myself…

Then again I had even uglier web site many years ago. It was called Real Jobs. And guess what – it had the same business model – advertising the employers jobs only, not letting the recruitment agencies on. You are probably guessing right it failed then. So here is my experience of a failure for free to all who are interested:

Jobs Sites with no recruitment agencies do not live long in Ireland.

Or at least I was not smart enough to make it happen. Neither have a dozen other people that have started the same business since. If you think you are smarter than us, go ahead and show us how is it supposed to be done.

My advice – learn from other peoples mistakes (Mine!:) )

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@Vicki: Simply because most of those new ‘Jobs Sites’ that are popping up do not have any company info on their web sites. It is usually just one form you can fill that sends them an email from your web site.

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