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Oracle iPhone jobs application

Oracle iPhone Jobs App 0 Click to open in a large windowJust looking at the Oracle iPhone jobs application. Note that the Search screen has no free text search. As opposed it has the three ‘pull downs’ for Function, Country and City. It might be slightly unusual for job hunters used to do free text searches on any jobs web site. Should the mobile platform be limiting the job hunters so much? I am not too sure about it.

The ‘Choose’ buttons could be removed as well actually. If you click on an entry in the pull-down – I am guessing you have ‘chosen’ it? Or does this let you do some multiple choice?

It is early days jet and it will be the job seekers who will need to drive the further development. So some form of providing feedback on the apps functionality would also be nice somewhere, especially in the early days.

Congratulations to Oracle who is really leading the way in the recruitment innovation. The Blogging efforts, the communities and this mobile app really set your recruitment team apart any competition in Ireland.

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