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National Recruitment Federation 2009The National Recruitment Federation Conference today was far better than I expected. To be honest I was a bit afraid to go there knowing what the Recruitment Industry is going through in the last months. There are a number of people I have heard assessments quoting more than 60% of the recruitment consultants been made redundant in the last 6 months. The figure of about 5000 to 6000 thousand recruiters being laid off was also mentioned today during the NRF 2009 conference.

The choice of the venue was excellent, the service was really good thanks to the number of sponsors of the event. There was even a draw for a big, big shredder!

The conference itself started with a bit of politics, changes in the legislations, status in Europe and similar topics relevant to the Directors and the Business Owners in the recruitment industry. After the (quite good) coffee, it was all concentrated about positive aspects and actually quite uplifting! One presenter after another, and I actually felt better and better. I am really glad I was a part of it, since I did hear interesting ideas and thoughts today.

Here is what I scribbled on my NRF Annual Conference 2009 Block (I am a freak for freebies!). It is just a random collection of quotes from various speakers:

Recession Trend: Get rid of the middle man! – Recruitment Agency is a middle man!?

National Recruitment Federation will:
Reduce cost
Publish a new web site
Do more PR and Marketing
NRF Certificate will be introduced for each recruitment consultant. Pilot will start in June, and the real recruitment certification program in September 2009.

Recruitment Agency Marketing consists of:
B to B – Pass the Gatekeeper
B to C – Brand yourself as a place for a job hunter to go when looking for a new job

Premier Group – Positive News Monitor (helps staff noticing and concentration on the positive news)

CPL – ‘…We will come out as a different industry…’ – A comment that really made me thinking, especially with the ‘Evolve’ message from The Chairperson: Rowan Manahan

There was also an interesting choice of presenters, since right in the middle of the conference we had a very good Stress Management presentation. I was wondering for some time – what is this doing in a National Recruitment Federation conference? Then again I felt it actually relaxed me, and felt it helped the people sitting around me as well. So good choice of the presentations – well done the organisers! Irish recruiters are stressed these days. Half of the people in the industry has been made redundant in the last half a year? Actually I cannot think of a better therapy than stress and anger management.
keithbohanna LinkedIN
The LinkedIN was mentioned as well. There is still about 40ish jobs in Ireland on LinkedIN (only). 2 of those have been from the people in the NRF 2009 audience. I am guessing Prosperity?

There is no Irish Recruiter utilising YouTube.

The Targeted advertising that Facebook enables was mentioned. Want quality candidates? Well you can filter by sex, age (is that even legal?!), country and guess what? The Employer!

Recruitment is in a forced evolution and it ain’t pretty!

Recruiters should ask themselves and even more their clients: What other services could we do for you?

The last presentation culminated the uplifting session really. We even heard about the clear and undisputable signs of the start of the recovery of the recruitment industry. I do not know if it was a too much coffee but it really made me feel great!

On the way out I got a copy of the Irish Times papers, with the sad face of the Prime Minister. The rain was sipping outside. The water feature looked sad in the rain, and empty golf course looked like it is Autumn. Sky was so gray. Stepping out of the hotel from the National Recruitment Conference 2009 was actually a bit shocking. Kind of like falling back into the reality.

National Recruitment Federation 2009 - Sponsors

Anyway, I did bring my camera, and yes I made a few pictures. Thanks again to both the organisers and the sponsors!
(Vicky sais that I am like a stalker! :))

I hope to have a longer chat published here with Frank Collins, NRF President. We spoke today quickly about the changes the NRF is going through in the last five years, and about the plans for the future web site, the recruitment certification announced, and the role NRF is playing now and will be playing in the future.

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12 thoughts on “National Recruitment Federation 2009”

  1. Well done Frank & team, nice to see you guys taking the positive approach. It’s all about how we think and what we want to create out of our industry. Thanks for the feedback Ivan.

  2. Nice blog Ivan. I found the conference to be excellent, I thought Elaine and Frank and team did a great job. Well done to all!! Keep positive.


  3. ‘In order of appearance:’

    @ Marie – Thanks Marie!

    @ Brian – Well, indirectly yes. Tom mentioned the ‘feedback’ (if I remember correctly the exact word used) in his addressing of the conference. He confirmed they will review their plans in September.

    @ Gerry – Thanks Gerry!

  4. Ivan, also really enjoyed your blog. I never bought that view that we talked ourselves into a recession and I do believe that the recruitment industry deserved a good shake up but its still a very valued service and this shake up will force a re-positioining that I think be good for the entire industry.

  5. I was at the conference too Ivan and found it to be very good.

    Tom Crosbie fudged the issue without a shadow of a doubt.

    On a positive note I thought that Bill Boorman was excellent and I was delighted to get a chance to speak with him afterwards.

    Like everyone has said thus far, well done to Elaine and Frank on a good days work.

  6. Ivan at al, thanks for the feedback on the day – I believe mission accomplished with the positivity theme! We have a lot of work in doing our part to help this industry and by extension the economy onto its feet again. Yesterday proved a very encouraging indication of the soidarity of the industry in working together with a common goal….
    More to come from the NRF in coming months!

  7. An excellent blog, Ivan and you have captured all the main points of the NRF Conference. I would agree with you totally. It was a great day, it focused on the positives and like you, I was looking for the’green shoots’ when I came out of CityWest and faced the rain!
    A big ‘Thank you’ to Elaine and Frank and all the organisers for a firstclass Conference.

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  9. Hi Ivan

    Great blog! And thank you very much for the good synopsis of the NRF AGM. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the event but I’ve heard very positive feedback about the day.

    It was great to receive the NRF press release calling on the public ”to forget waiting on the Social Partnership to help get the economy off its knees and to start making a difference themselves.” The media is still continuing to spin the economic forecast, as well as the public’s outlook, out of control – not a good recipe…

    There’s alot going on to bring recruiters together during these hard times. It’s great to see and very positive. Onwards we go….

  10. Ivan,
    Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoyed the conference and hope i was able to leave the atendees with some well placed confidence. The market is showing positive signs. I would echo your congratulations not only to Elaine and Frank, but to all the volunteers that worked so hard on the day to make it work. I hope that this is only the begining of my association with the N.R.F.
    For any business owners or Directors that missed the conference (or who want to hear more), i will be hosting a free session on the 19th May at the Crowne Plaza in Dublin. This is to showcase the Elite Recruitment Leaders Group i will be launching in Dublin from June. For a place please e-mail me on
    I will also be touring delivering Tin Hat Breakfast and Tin Hat Lunch sessions in house for anyone interested. Again, drop me a line.
    Lastly, if you want a copy of the white paper detailing my “Tin Hat Strategy” drop me a line.

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