National Recruitment Awards NRF 2009 (Twitter: #nrf2009)

Jobs Blog is only about 2 years old. And web site about the online recruitment in Ireland. I write it, when I catch some time (from my ‘real job’), and when there is something interesting to write about. National Recruitment Awards 2009 was last Friday. A superb event. I mean it. A SUPERB event!

I will write about it. I will write quite a lot actually! Yes, I have some photos from the event as well, and will publish those as well. If you want your photos to be published email them to IrishRecruiter [at]

Right now I really cannot write more about the National Recruitment Awards Ceremony 2009, since my ‘Real Job’ is a priority. (BTW it reminds me of a company I used to have called

Here is just the first picture I took – more to follow:

Pamela Flood NRF

Pamela Flood opening the National Recruitment Awards Ceremony 2009 in Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin on Friday 2nd October 2009

Twitter: #nrf2009

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