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Jobs Site with no Jobs on?

It is funny to watch the traffic on a job site – when you remove the jobs from it!

This is a short history of the Jobs Site for Dublin Airports new Terminal 2. The site goes live with the Boom announcement on TV (11,461 visitors immediately). The next day all the national media covers the story (12,288 people on the site). Weekend – the site ‘quiets down’ with about 2,500 people a day. Next week, about 5,000 every day steadily. That all went well. Actually too well – the recruiters are simply overwhelmed by the volume of CVs (here is a Irish Jobs Site PR). So what to do next?

Remove the jobs from the Jobs site! :)

But the traditional media and by then the social media as well has done its duty. The Site is still hot! There are still a few thousand people on the site every day, so watch the change in their behaviour now – when the site has no jobs any more:

Web Site Pageviews

Drastic drop since there are no jobs to apply on a jobs site!

Pages per Visit

With no job on, there isn’t much to see on a jobs site, isn’t it?

And now my two personal gems….

Bounce Rate
BTW that figure shows the percentage of the people who come to your site, and click on no link on your site but just leave.

Well jobs site with no jobs,… ehm,… Highest bounce rate possible?

Average time spent on the site

I mean really guys? No jobs? On a jobs site?

So the job hunters answer to the Jobs Site with no jobs is: We will leave, and we will leave immediately!

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